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I can't wait until this little retard dies
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>Subs is out
>Thread is dead
Is there another thread which I missed or something?

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Fuck other thead lets have thread of best boy. Also Why do you guys think IB/IT is attracted to Touma? What is it about Touma that makes every character like him?
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Yeah, maybe when the other thread dies.

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It's 18 now, so time for 2 typesetted chapters.

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I mentioned it last week, but it's Golden Week and that's why there's no new raw chapter today.
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ITT: Anime you could show your dad.
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all if them if he is sufficiently ``hip'' and ``with it''
Stuff like Monster and Space Brothers. My dad doesn't like anything outlandish

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The show is slowly redeeming itself.
Only 8 episodes to go.
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Fuck you. It's been great since the start.
There was a dip in the middle but i'm still liking it quite a bit.
You have shit opinions

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Here it is, chapter 39, sorry for the delay.

Riko's group has reached the Altar of the Absolute Boundary...
What awaits them ahead is-!!

Hello Abyss - 39 - Capital of the Unreturned

"It's like... a stretching membrane...?"
"Is it alright to touch this..."


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"I can see the outside..."

"Besides that... it's quiet..."
"I can't believe this is at the center of the whirlpool."

"This scent..."
"I recognize it..."
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The most exciting time of the day is here again!
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"It's the smoke of Tokoshiekou incenses."
"Delvers light them at funerals and even festivals, don't they."

"*Sniff*... The scent is still fresh..."
"That Bondrewd occasionally lights some."

"Bondrewd... so what was his actual aim?"

"Who knows... he sure isn't aiming just for the [bottom of the Abyss]... there's also something like the [next 2000 years]..."

"Well, it's not like we're going to return and hear him out anyway."
"His words are just too poisonous. He won't say anything that's not convenient to the situation anyway."

"Instead of that, what's next is more important. We've had enough of that poison, hadn't we."

"I... for just a little bit... honestly am delighted"
"To be going forward together with you guys."

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So what's the deal with the regenerating gloves and stockings?
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Once a Friend, forever a Friend.
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She's becoming the Cerulean Queen, what else would it be?
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You mean Friends Queen

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New Chapter out, we JoJo now.
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Nami will get her man back!
He needs help!
>Nothing happens: The chapter, The manga, The experience
post yfw the news is too big

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Oh no, Satania is at your door! What do you do?
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Let her in, and give her some melon bread.
Why did she buy leeks
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Breakdown 2
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>It's not like the other translation doesn't have their mistakes either though. I still see plenty in their Queens Chapter 10 for example, even some made up lines as well. Never really commented much on that because last time I did I got a paragraph's worth of justification for a mistranslation

TL anon here. A few things:
1) You're conflating Platfllece's lies (intentional fabrication of large chunks of paragraph and dialogue) with mistranslations. This is an argument fallacy that water down Platfleece's action.

2) You stated you saw "plenty mistakes" in Queens 10 which is mine. Please provide a list now. It's both to improve the TL for everyone's sake, and to give your statement a concrete basis to fall on.

I have had the courtesy to type up the RAW and provide random page checks for the past 4 months I'm in the fandom, on both Platfleece and chink anon's works. So I hope you can extend the same courtesy towards me instead of giving vague accusations.

3) You said "even made up lines as well" - this is particularly important. Please point this out, to show everyone that you're not just grabbing localization and claim them "made up lines."

4) "Never really commented much on that because last time I did I got a paragraph's worth of justification for a mistranslation." - Please link that paragraph from the archive, I want to see who was defending me.

Also, I made the reddit TL for a reason: anyone can easily post whatever mistake they find without being "harrassed". I even gave all anonymous the ability to comment directly in my gdocs, where I fix everything anons suggested (you can check the history of each doc comments).

I have made it most easy for you to participate in 4chan retranslation effort, so you don't have any excuse to not do it. I have yet to see a single gdoc comment that concerns mistranslation, only gramnar/typo. Really make me think who you are, mysterious moonspeaker.
Not him, but >>156653202
>I have a list
Now that I scrolled down, so you apparently made a list. I hope you can dunp post them in the future.

>cockle made no sense
As I had stated at the time, I haven't read Queens 9 when I TL'd 10, because no RAW. That's why I have no idea what that Cockle was a MG (like Dragonfly Wings later on) nor what was her magic.

>一緒に仇を討とう」is "Let's defeat our enemies together".
This is wrong. 仇 is not a simple 敵, but a specific enemy whom one to beat/kill in avenge for someone. Thus my TL "Let’s avenge the enemy together."

>追い詰め is cornering not chasing
How hard is it to look up a dictionary? http://ejje.weblio.jp/content/追い詰め

So, the only mistranslation you could find was one that I made due to not having the RAW for a previous chapter. Everything else is your misunderstanding of the Japanese itself. It's also amusing to see your constant fear-mongering:
>The start of a long series of mistakes here
Which is 2 sentences in total, which I neither mistranslated nor donthey have any domino effect to other sentences

Seeing how nobody was able to see through the bullshit of your simple post, it's safe to say that nobody here was nip-proficient enough to prevent themselves from succumbing to lies.

If this the kind of thing you regularly spout in the discord, I can see why the drones exist. Even 4channers, who had been warned again and again about Platfleece and "mysterious checker," still fall for you everytime you make a post, distrust me, an anon who has nothing to gain from doing all this. This is some mahou shoujo level play right there.

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>local man cucked so hard he isekai'd himself
How beta can you get?
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>Yomeiro Choice got cancelled for this
>local man cucked so hard he isekai'd himself
But that's wrong you fucking retard.
Truck-kun did it.
What a fucking beta. and do fucking tell me when he isekai'd he got a fucking cock hungry slave.

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After a long wait, its finally a cat chapter.

Loli Yaya a cute!
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週刊少年ジャンプ連載中、ゆらぎ荘の幽奈さん61話「 夜々軍参上」のネタバレ、画バレ(画像バレ)。







ゆらぎ荘の幽奈さん ネタバレ 62話に続く。

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>Yaya cover

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Stop liking traps.
Or at least accept it's gay as fuck to do it.
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you can't tell me what to do
Traps are not gay
It isn't gay as long we don't kiss.

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New ep out.
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from hs's site

Waited a good while so I could rewatch Rezero. This arc is cringy as fuck when I know whats coming. I feel so bad for Emilia.
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The adaptation was shit, I've watched it about 2-3 times but I can't anymore. The show fails to portray too many small details that make the LN/WN so good.
Just like every written story ever written and rewritten for the screen in the history of ever, ever.

Thanks for telling us something we didnt know.
So is she smelling his actual scent or is it mixed in with the witch's?

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