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>Nyaa down
>Only have 10 anime on my pc right now (plus some seasonal shit)

How fucked I am?
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Its crazy how many retards have no idea what do to with nyaa being gone.

I don't know if I should laugh or feel sad.
>only 4 good shows
You should tell them to lurk more or fuck off.
/a/ doesn't need these retards.

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Cells from 4 is out!
I'm ripping this from my Kindle so I apologize in advance.
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Pick your poison
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Fire Salamander friend when? i saw one on the street yesterday.
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Reminder that Jinbe is officially a crewmember now and SaPu is canon.
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This is BIG NEWS
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I'm so happy.
I wonder if in anime, they'll actually show this scene. Seeing Sanji talk to a girl without going bonkers would be refreshing

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Read the guide before asking any questions.
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I don't care for Sabuh, but I really like this outfit.
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Have you worshipped your bunny overlords?
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Why is it so hard to decide?


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It's getting announced next week in..game magazines.

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And here it is, the latest released chapter, Chapter 40. It's been an absolute joy translating the "what the fuck is this" and the "what the fuck is that" of this chapter, so if you may, please relax and enjoy some horrible mistranslations.

Riko's three-man group is about to challenge a new devil's cave*-!

Hello Abyss - 40 - Life that's Reached Its End Result

"What is this place...? A building...?"
".....It also looks like some creature's corpse..."
"Oi, you both, notice that?"

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"At the upper right of the entrance..."
"That mark...! It's the creepy note's!"

"What does it mean..."
"Who knows, but..."
"We have to go! We need to get Prushka back!"
"What she says. Luckily, the entrance is almost parallel from here... We don't have to worry about catching the burden, going in and out of it."

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"Is this really okay?"
"Nnaa- we're going to go with a torch and its smoke."
"If it comes down to it, I'm counting on you."
There's nothing but things I don't know about...

"Get ready."
Where's the MiA Table of Contents dude?

How can Ako even compete with this idle?
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Sheep ain't shit
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>make thread literally one minute after yours
It keeps happening
What is Aikatsu and why should I care about it?

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Lab Rats 2.png
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Thread for those who hate Lab Rats
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Armin and Historia very cute
I hope this is the endgame, brothers
Armin will cook Gabi alive with his titan steam
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I want to put love juice on Annie's thighs.

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>"So, why don't we have ourselves a guys' night out?"
Oooh man.
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Ruth? What are you doing there? Koutaro needs some tea.
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I'd have a guys night out with him if you catch my drift.

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Does Japan know about the Nyaa salvaged magnets site? Most of Nyaa's traffic came from there after all.

And also what was 2ch's reaction to Nyaa disappearing?
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The nips have sites dedicated to translating random 4chan threads. I'm sure the cross-site friends are up to date.
nips are smart unlike /a/ they probably know
They're panicking as well.

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How will you deal with Little Witch Sundays now?
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Literally the same as always?

Why are you not on IRC already?
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/a/ on suicide watch
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More like /v/ BTFO.
True /a/nons don't like TTGL, that show is more geared towards /v/ermin and other cross boarders.
Why not post 1-10?

Episode airs in a few hours
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When does Sanae's arc finally start?
If I liked The Prince, should I pick up this show?
This looks like Sanae.

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Anyone else here reading this?
Anyhow, chapters 13-16 are out.
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