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>tfw pain & suffering for us is already started even before a real pain & suffering episode begins
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This boy is really cute
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ITT: Opinions you would be crucified for

I kinda like the unique animation style in the new Berserk anime adaptions.
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Most Miyazaki films don't do anything for me other than an appreciation for its art.
Anno is a one hit wonder with NGE and nothing better will come from him.

Is VRAINS the next 5Ds? Or will it be Zexal crossed with 5Ds?

...Or will it be a VR version of ARC-V?
>Different VR worlds analagous to dimensions
>All summoning methods used
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the second coming of CLEAR MIND

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>All summoning methods used
if it were mainly Links for shills with splashes of older methods, that'd be perfect. Better yet, support for older summoning methods so I can play my waifu more with ease would be just peachy.
Yoshida is in charge, so expect lots of DARKNESS IN THE HUMAN HEART

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>nyaa is dead (even if the magnets are there, no more uploads)
>bakaBT is shit
>AB is a mirror of nyaa
>madokami is fucking shit
>TT is a mirror of nyaa

So, where the fuck is the future?
Why are the new manga only being uploaded to kissmanga and such trash sites?
Where fuck are the fucking everythings being uploaded now?
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Streaming > Downloading

Get with the times granpa
>madokami is fucking shit
>nyaa is dead (even if the magnets are there, no more uploads)
Its still better than nothing, and people will keep uploading in other sites
>bakaBT is shit
BakaBT actually has a well seeded obscure ovas and a fuckton of OST, artbooks etc. The only problem is their black list, which isn't a problem because its mostly common stuff you can find even at non-anime torrents
>AB is a mirror of nyaa
You sound like you have never actually been to AB
>madokami is fucking shit
Only if you care about raws I guess

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What's gonna happen to Caesar and Brulee at the end of this?
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Down with shipper OPs
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Doffy fags get out!

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Was the last Saki chapter dumped already?
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cute boy (girl)

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Say it with me, one last time
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sss... sankyuu
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Sankyuu varii machuu~

Who am I kidding, F ;_;

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Can we have a thread dedicated to the best Gatari?
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Not even the top 5 of gataris.

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Forget Butts & Tits.

I need Anime girls with 10/10 attractive face.
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>Pic not related.
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I agree.
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Mitsuki is an autistic psychopath.
He may be psychotic, but that doesn't make him a psychopath.
he's doing he's best. He just got raised by Oro and got his memoroes whipped out 5 times.
Give him a break

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Why didn't Ymir just run away from the castle with the humans?
Why didn't Ymir just run to the left or the right of the tower instead of using the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things?
Why didn't Ymir revert to human form?
Why didn't Ymir regenerate her limbs?
Why didn't Eren count Stallman eoten or any eotens he killed in his eoten form as his first kill?
Why didn't Reiner/Bert have a grudge on Ymir's eoten form for eating the villager when they are on the same side?
Why did Reiner attempt to crush Historia's leg?
Why was Ymir stealing from the Church?
What was Ymir's past?
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Getting real tired of your bullshit Frodo
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Reiner and Ymir are lovers. Remember this.
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Ymirfags BTFO.png
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>Grim Reminder

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How will their rematch go if they fight again in the next Sports Festival?
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hopefully with rape
They're going to fuck.
>implying Bakugou won't fight Kouda
>implying he won't get his shit kicked in

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Well? What is it?

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Why do people think straw poll means something?
KyoAni or DogaKobo
Not even gonna vote, but Kyoani

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If Goku gets passed up by Gohan in episode 90. I'm done with this bullshit show
What's up with episode 90?

Gohan and Goku fight and Gohan has some new transcendent power and he might become stronger than Goku

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Anime butts drive me nuts.
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I like boys that like anime butts. I think it's an acquired taste.
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I love butts more than life itself.
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