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What in the fuck was that???

First time watching this and it was so good.

did /a/ like it?
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I liked it

/a/ here
mami best girl
/thread, pack it up boys

Yes, it's really fucking good.

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What should a futa ecchi/comedy be like if there was to be one? Would it even be worth it without showing any actual pegging?
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I jerk off to this niggas shit all the time. Not gay tho.
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whatever the case is, I'd love an episode featuring one losing their swimgear at the beach and desperately trying to hide their dick
if its directed by radiohead or messy its already GOAT

if it's that futa book by z-ton nobody has ever heard of then its god tier

How do Shinji and Asuka find food and shit
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Maybe they shouldn't
In canon they fuck each other until they die of starvation.
they eat the homo goo

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>***,*48位/***,*51位(**1,387 pt) [*,*12予約] 2017/06/28 Eromanga-sensei [Blu-ray]

Where has the love gone? Previous eromanga threads start to show cracks that can no longer be ignored.
Is this another classic case that when a show gets this popular, folks starts shitting on it?
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People were always shitting on it for being shameless otakubait and a carbon copy of OreImo.
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People just need more Sagiri
Huh? Isn't it common sense that the most minority vocals can drown out the majority? It happens to most popular shows so who cares?

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what do you think of JK bitches
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She seems nice. I like straightforward girls.
Great for mindbreaking and then leaving
This girl reminds me of Sugawa from OMK so I will give her a chance, for all I know she's as sweet and loving as that erstwhile bully

Great stuff right here. Sad to see that the manga isn't being scanlated whatsoever. Dunno who'd pick it up. But hey, MJP appreciation thread
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Fav waifu?

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Do JCs like doing webcam sessions?
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They actually do, more than anyone else probably.
>dat slit

this must be photochopped? right?
if not then I didn't think A-1 pictures to be this generous
Actual screenshot, only 1 frame though where we see it.

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Some sad news today according to Kazuki Sakuraba, the author of Gosick and other novels: Hinata Takeda, Gosick's illustrator and mangaka of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee and Yaeka no Karte, died of illness in January. An obituary is posted in the June issue of Dragon Age.

Hinata Takeda had gone on hiatus from Croisee in 2011 and disappeared from the industry without completing it or illustrating the remaining volumes of Gosick. She never publicly revealed the reason for her retirement.

http://gosick.jp/blog/ (Japanese only)
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Damn, that sucks. Always a little concerning when someone just sort of disappears like that.
Holy shit, so that is why she went on hiatus in 2011.

/a/ was think she joined a cult or something

Precure Thread
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Tarte best fairy. Debate me
"Fuck off" was a mistake
FUCK the Precures.

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Post obscure screencaps. Try to identify which anime they're from.
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Does she ever use Asuka's voice when she.. you know..
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I don't know

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So, now that Bleach has ended,

Which do you think is the best fight in the whole manga?
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>Which do you think is the best fight in the whole manga?
Rukia vs. Aaroniero. Never fails to make me cry.
Ichigo vs Grandfisher is still the best.
>Which do you think is the best fight in the whole manga?
Soifon Vs Yoruichi is the first that comes to mind.

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Gook scans for the new chapter are out, leaked earlier than usual after Golden Shower Week. Hanayama vs Musashi starting soon. I'm not the usual guy so I won't be dumping, though.

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Musashi was a mistake.
How so?

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All in all, what is K-On really about?
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Friendships and stuff.
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black girls

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Nothing news worthy but lets have a nice comfy thread and reminisce.
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Good thread, guys.
S2 soon?
I miss the salaryman.

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ITT: Anime that you have watched multiple times over
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The only series I've ever rewatched completely has been TWGOK, although I am currently rewatching Acchi Kocchi
cowboy bebop and Vandread are the only ones I rewatched several times, though I didn't do it for years now

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