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Leaks from the book
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she died for nothing
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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Historia is a cunt. Her reaction to it was so tame, just a few tears. She's probably over Ymir in the next weeks and never thinks about her again.

Ymir was too pure for her.
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Ymir was shit. Her death was not a tragedy.

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Junko-chan is too pure for this world!
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>it would have to be his resourcefulness and wit combined with a simple but well balanced power that sees a large variety of different uses despite it seemingly having one use.


You mean his plan to charge in a punch people at all costs? He's such an intellectual anon. Please forgive me.
How long do you think it'll be before she's broken. This is the inevitable fate for all of Aleister's students.

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This chapter is all about Soma's dish. Next week will be the results.
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I hope soma loses
>Result next week
I'm so done with this manga. Wake me up when Rindou or Erina do something.
Souma's match moves pretty slowly.

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FMA 2003 >>>> FMA:B
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how often did Dante use her as a sex toy?
Rewrite is still the best FMA opening imo, and I remember watching the original FMA when it was first airing. I fucking loved it, and I remember how huge it was as well. Then they announced Brotherhood and it basically revitalized FMA after the original, though Brotherhood follows the manga from start to finish.

Frankly I think FMA has a rustic charm to it, and it holds a special place in my heart. I think it really only resonates with people who watched the original FMA before Brotherhood was announced.

A lot, and Edward was retarded for chasing after a whore who didn't even give two shits about him. She was a filthy WHORE, and Edward deserved better. At least he ended up with Winry who is vastly superior to strawberry/chocolate ice cream bitch.
objectively wrong

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>Zero will never wash your back
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Her fixation with Mercenary is really fucking ridiculous.
>Furry ruins your soup.
>Hire him as protection and then act like a thirsty bitch every chance you get.
Immediately after they meet she's using him as a bodypillow, constantly making passes at him and telling people she's his sex slave.
Is this supposed to be comedy? There's nothing funny about it
Why would you want that girl to wash your back?
At this point the kid has her beat for best girl status, but I hear the kid will leave the party so what the hell happens? will it just be those two? because their "dynamic" is really overbearing and annoying.
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Zero on the front page!
It appears you are not a degenerate furry.
This show may not appeal to you.

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a-are you ready to do this ? since you already hired me for a night....
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Is that what Diana has to resort to now given her family troubles?
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Diana is a girl!
Diana is a witch!
Diana is smart!
Diana is pretty!
Diana is tall!
Diana is rich!
Diana is a noble!
Diana is pure!
Diana is lewd!
Diana is for kisses!
Diana is for cuddling!
Diana is for praising!
Diana is for worship!
Diana is for Akko!
Diana is for Barbara!
Diana is for Hannah!
Diana is for Andrew!
Diana is elegant!
Diana is sweet!
Diana is radical!
Diana is buxom!
Diana is thin!
But you are my wife, I didn't hire you.

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Remember to cum inside hisu!
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ymir ded lol
I can't believe Ymir is fucking dead!

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We like moms, right?
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Yes, Jeanne best character but has least screen time
i'm incredibly new to the series but why the fuck does it feel like literally the best thing on this season.
because you're incredibly new in here too

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What makes To Love-Ru so interesting?
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I want to cum on Mikans shitty smug face.
Nothing but fap material, I don't understand how it got more than one season
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Yabuki is a good artist.

Giant Pangolin Friend is most powerful friend because of these reasons.

1) She has tough armour to protect herself with like an armadillo.
2) She can stab people with her sharp scales like what a porcupine does with its quills.
3) She can spray a foul smelling acid from her anus like a skunk.
4) She has a long sticky tongue like an anteater which she can do many things with.
5) She has claws which she can slash and dig things with also like an anteater.
6) She has a prehensile tail like a monkey allowing her to wrap around things and makes it easier for her to climb trees and stuff.

Having all these defense mechanisms is what makes her the Ultimate Friend, far superior to honey badger.
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She stole Fennec's shirt, worst kemono
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But is she a spicy gal like jag?
I doubt it
Jag is cool, not spicy

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Are you ready for the next infodump?
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Mike Shinoda is going to hate his daughteru.
What's the endgame? Like, literally.
48 minutes of almost nothing
Bravo Hiroe

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Gay thread
so are part 7/8 the result of part 6 or just an alternate reality sort of deal?
No, just an alternate reality
It doesn't matter, Emporio still did the deed.

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Guren No Yumiya is best opening, Mikasa best girl
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Reiner a best.
death to Annie
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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Who's your saiyanfu?
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Does the same waifufag keep making these threads?
Who's the second one?

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