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Dumping Kakushigoto part 15.
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Have you ever watched an anime just to masturbate?
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>What is isekai
Let me just get this out of the way:

>Nozomi is the best girl
>Eli is the worst girl

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Just finished this.

What do you think about 3.33?
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It's my second favorite entry into the franchise after End of Evangelion. It has some of Anno's strongest directing and the greatest tracks of Sagisu's career.


Nobody explains anything to Shinji at the beginning of the movie. Misato treats him like villain despite her being the main person encouraging him to save Rei at the end of 2.22. This also encourages Shinji to depart with NERV which could have been prevented if other characters explained to Shinji what happened. I doubt they weren't expecting NERV to come after Shinji and Unit 01.

It seems like there was a shift in direction based on what was shown in the preview at the end of 2.22. The preview seemed more interesting and if there was a shift I think the changes it made to 3.33 don't mesh with what was shown in 2.22 so there's some inconsistency between the plots and Shinji's character development.

Shinji ignored Kaworu about the spear and Kaworu didn't stop Shinji from taking the spear by using the set of controls in front of him.

Shinji's character progressed a lot in 2.22 and in 3.33 it seems like most of that is lost due more to inconsistency between the 2 movies and other characters not explaining things to Shinji that should have been explained.

In summary, 2.22 was my favorite and I wish 3.33 was more like the last movie and tied in better with it, but other than all of that I liked most of the movie.
It's an unfinished trainwreck that needed at least 30 minutes more run time to fully explain the divide between nu-NERV and SEELE/Gendou, why the fuck Misato doesn't care for Shinji anymore and delving more into Rei Q.


I thought it was pretty good as far as the latter episodes have been. I really like the banter between Cell and Goku and the stolen techniques scene.
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I came here just because I knew someone would make a thread about this.

The quality of these dropped so fucking hard once they got popular around the end of Frieza, it's un-fucking-believable. Not only do they release new episodes every few months, just to milk the Patreon money, they don't seem to care anymore. They literally put a "Number One" song in the newest episode just to get the meme crowd in.

Fuck this series and fuck them - they had a good run, did some excellent stuff, but holy shit what happened? I'd rather just watch the original if they're going to cut the fights short and put humorless banter instead.
shit, they are still on cell?
I think last year they made 4 or 5 videos total on the AS? They're just milking the patreon and lets play channel for all its worth.

ITT: "villains" that did nothing wrong.
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I don't believe that you believe that.

Post best screams
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Can't post it, but
>Clouds scream when Zack dies
It's vidya but still.

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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maybe his butt hurts?
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>Story by CLAMP
Nigga are you gonna post the same question every day?

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You don't like Kirara?
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What gave you that impression?

Too many Maou or Shion threads, not that there is nothing necessarily wrong with that. Time to give best cat-girl some love.
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But I do.

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Did I miss the dump thread?
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Yes, it was yesterday. Check the archive.
I looked but I found nothing except for a thread asking when the dump would be.

Hate to ask, but do you happen to have a link?

You need to check on your eyes

What's the most over-used dramatic phrase in anime?
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I'll never forgive you!

Even though their lack of forgiveness doesn't really bother the villain.
>ahhh shikatanai
Miru ga ii!

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Any word on S2 of Seiren? I found it pretty lackluster, but I hate leaving things incomplete. (3/6 girls) Did it sell poorly or something?
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No word yet. Seiyuu event is happening soon.
Maybe something will come out of it. Could be the VN.

>Did it sell poorly or something
The first arc shit the bed and caused a tank in sales. It did somewhat recover afterwards, but the show certainly wasn't going to sell well based on preorders after that.
I think they just wanted to end it with the cute Kyouko arc so that it doesn't leave as bad a taste in the audience's mouths.
There's an event next month, last chance for a VN announcement or 2nd season.

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Why didn't gon want to know about his mother?
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Killua is cute!
Because Mito-san is his mother.
For all it mattered she was just a stranger and aunt Mitto was his "mother". He only cared about his father because he was a hunter, otherwise he would be just as irrelevant to him as his mother.

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Get me a man like this man.
>sweet heart
>always looking for the safety of his friends

He was the best man to have at your side in a combat to death and he'll never come back.
Dick's out for pippin.
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How many layers of irony are you on?
I can't believe Pipin is fucking dead.

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Are guys allowed to be cute?
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I'm a cute
>draw a girl
>call it a girl

why is this allowed?
Because literally free market and erections

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