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Based nnS.
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kong is FAT
Why does he hate midriffs? Did he get bullied by midriffs as a child?


I never get tired of eren being useless
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>Eren was a useless piece of shit for 95% of the manga
Jesus christ.

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Pick one and only one to save /a/.
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The loli.
Cow Girl. Bikini Armor > Bikini > Flat Elf
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no homo

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ITT: Intros you never skip.

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Cruel Angel's Thesis
Bloody Stream
Whatever the into to 1997 Berserk is called
all of them

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Which post-Utena show is objectively the best?

Penguindrum or Star Driver?

Ikuni or Enokido?
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Neither is worth note next to Utena.
Captain Earth and Yuri Kuma Arashi.
I know this is a joke but both are really awfull

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Is anyone planning on going to Animefest in Dallas?
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When is animefest? At least this time translator willn't do a shitjob, I hope.
It's August 17th through the 21st.

I hope so too. I think the problem with the event in Mexico was the translator not doing a proper translation from English to Spanish. This time, it's straight to English.
The jp to eng interpreter who did a good job was from Animefest. Taco con didn't even get one themselves. So it should be fine.

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>I fucked your waifu anon... and she liked it heh.

how do you respond?
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literally who
>tell me your secret, how do you intercourse with 2d ?
Well, most people tend to enjoy masturbating, so that's not a surprise.

Is this shilling for Cranberry of the Iron Fortress?
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I hope so
> Giraffe titan
> Dino titan
> Elephant titan
What the hell happened in this series?
dat T-Rex titan tho

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Stop waifuing bully material characters
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Are we having a best girl thread?
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What the fuck was her deal?
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don't ask me, I haven't watched the show.
made for anal
what show?

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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Bakemonogatari by the looks of it
Why is OP such a faggot?
Second best arc

This movie was a mess. There were lots of good things about it (mostly Kanna) but the eponymous "love story" was just really bad. It wasn't even a love story, it was just the story of how the two confessed to each other. Which is always the WORST. Tamako loving the guy isn't sold to any reasonable extent. Why does she "love" him? Because he was at her mom's funeral? Because he's always been around? They don't even have any scenes together in the film, which could have worked if their "romance" was sold in other ways, but it wasn't. It's mostly just Tamako sitting around and thinking about shit while other arbitrary events happen around her.

Tamako's situation in the film boils down to this: Her whole character is about wanting to maintain the status quo, she wants to hold onto the life that she knows forever because she loves it so much and the last time something changed significantly was when her mother died. Suddenly her world starts to change around her, guy confesses to her which threatens her way of life. Now she has two options, tell him she loves him and he'll stay, or reject him and he'll go off to school. She basically spends the whole movie in denial, wishing that none of this were happening at all, and then at the end tells him she loves him because she thinks he's leaving.

There's no romance there. How about some dialog between these two characters establishing that they have some kind of intimate connection to each other? How about scenes showing how they're actually important to each other? Her reason for loving him amounts to "he's always been around." Also the end was totally anti-climactic. A rare directorial miss for kyoani.

Nips can't into romance. The last great anime romance was Kare Kano, TLS isn't even in the same league.
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You're wrong

Watch the prequel desu
>Why does she "love" him? Because he was at her mom's funeral? Because he's always been around?

Sounds like SAO's """""""love"""""""" story.

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It's out

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>Touka gets the guy she initially condemned to a brutal, horrifying death
the art in this one was the worst so far
You guys were calling Ishida a hack just yesterday but now you're eating from the palm of his hand, pathetic.

Pic (maybe?) unrelated
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Haikyuus main protag
op, they're all bad the archetype is just a lame excuse to get some jokes in without actually setting anything up and to poor device to get the MC in certain situations and then show off what should have been normal suddenly become a big deal because it was done by this kind of character. do I hate the archtype? no but I am annoyed by it. im not asking for some super serious vegeta/sasuke character but I dont want another goku either, but at least the author changed him into an actual young adult/adult unlike goku.
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Hi, I am the best example of a super special energetic protagonist boy

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We're back with two new mixes for you today:

Let Me Be With You (Chobits OP): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOxvXsHCjI8
Asuka's Etude (Hibike! Euphonium): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtJKlaXvv8I

There are only 48 days left until our next album release, and there are still a ton of songs that need recordings. If you'd like to be a part of the home stretch rush, please join us at our new-and-improved pad:


Make sure to read the FAQ as well: http://pastebin.com/GEsC6yuq
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Cool, my favorite opening.

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