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Why has 7 years passed so fast?
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Because I must have fallen into a cold sleep chamber.
But Fukkireta was only 2 years ago.
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>2 years ago was 7 years ago
Where do the time go ?

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She's a big little sister
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She's normal sized, ararararagi is just a manlet.
for you
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So apparently Kaiji S3 exists but its a FUCKING pachinko game?

Somebody needs to do to nipland and LP the whole thing
Or better yet steal the whole fucking machine
At least then we'll be able to salvage the footage from inside it
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Doesn't first video have everything already?
The're a lot of extra scenes
A whole episode worth of scenes
In the third video you can see there's the conclusion to mahjong arc

Pachinko ruins fucking everything

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Opposite for me. I thought I didnt see this scene in s1. Was looking for it but apparently it wasnt animated till now
Don't care. Annie is best girl. More Annie is more good.
Reiner's question "which one do you think will win?" was definitely there. Autistic shippers thought he was asking Eren to pick a waifu.

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Is Mushroom man the male equivalent to Croissant?
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Also dumping the other volume 3 extras.
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Just a small warning, i changed the file into JPG to dump some of these here because i was over size limit otherwise. So if you want the PNG go to Helvetica's website and download the image.
I wonder if the manga is ending. Please at least reach vol. 5

The magic girl genre peaked with this series and I'm not fucking joking.
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And it's not fair.
Is Mai-Otome worth watching?

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Korean scans are out. Looks like an interesting chapter.
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One of if not the best episode of the series.
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It's shit

Season one is better

Your argument is not very convincing.
The fight suck.

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Shows you watch when you've lost interest in anime?
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Game of Thrones

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Oddman 11 thread.
The oddmen trying to take Setsu's virignity are exhilarating, especially the slut and the unclean.
I wonder if the low-life started dating the masochist only because she was after his sister.
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No one?
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Which Dowman Sayman manga do you anons think I start with? I was thinking of reading Voynich Hotel since it's been on my backlog.

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post smiles you want to protect
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How relevant is Free in the current year?
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Relevant enough to get two recaps(first made 1mil USD already) and an original movie.
No SnK character?
why is jesus yamato not on the list anymore

Guys I just read Deadman Wonderland yesterday and ever since she showed up I've been having a rock fucking hard erection that just refuses to go down. Like seriously I think I'm an 11 on the mohs scale right now.

What did they do so right that other tryhard "lol so crazy" characters couldn't achieve? How do I get more of her? Why do the Japs have such shit taste and porn of her is basically non-existent? Have I uncovered the true purpose of my existence?
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is this babbies first yandere thread?
No, I've seen a ton of other edgy yandere shit, no one comes close. I dare you to post someone better faggot.
tell me when you get to the chapter where shiro is laying on the bed naked facing away from the audience and we only see her butt

Thank you /a/ for convincing me to watch it. It's a masterpiece
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You're welcome anon, have a nice day.
Thank you m8, appreciate it
I just re-watched it again recently. It's so amazing. I forgot about all the feels in some episodes. Fucking cried like a bitch at the end of the episode that introduces Ed's dad

Find a flaw, if you can.
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There is none. She is perfect.

Unfortunately there is one - I`m not 2D (None of us is)
She isn't real, anon.

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