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What are your thoughts on this, /a/?

I just finished it and I enjoyed it quite a lot.
Everything felt pretty good to me, the characters, the story, the animations, the music. The water color art style was great.

At times the Ranta character got a bit too annoying and retarded for me. It didn't help that we don't know how old any of the characters are supposed to be. I could've done without that peeping scene.
And sometimes the eyes were animated in an oddly asymmetrical fashion.
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Backgrounds were the best part
The music was the best part, silly.
I like this one


What the fuck did I just watch?
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the greatest anime of all time
also asuka is, and always has been, best girl
A 20-year-old anime that's not nearly as deep as it or its fans think it is.

>muh chrischan imagery
>muh abstract ending
>muh shitty waifu
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Finally decided to read the manga since season 3 is nowhere to be seen. Since when did they start to release digital colored chapters and are there official English translations of those colored chapters? Only saw RAWs from ch95 I believe.
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The color releases start around 95 yeah. And yes, there are English version of them. You'll have to look around online to find them.
Fan translation or official ones?
The color chapters seem to use Viz's official translations.

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eternal feather
emotional flutter
euphoric field
ebullient future
ever forever
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One of those rare cases when adaptation > original.
Nagi best girl

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This wasn't that good. The ED was the only memorable part.
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It was pretty good, including the ED
This show was made with the demographic of people hugely into Trigger in mind.
As someone who loves everything they've ever made, this was fucking heaven.

If you're not a fan, I can understand why it'd be grating.

I'd like to think it's a well paced enough, fun colourful piece regardless of what you know about other animes; but like a lot of Triggers work this is really a divisive show.

I really don't think just describing it as 'wasnt good' is particularly accurate when for some people it was one of their favourite pieces of media ever.

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Would an anime based off an American conflict like the Gulf War or Somalia work?
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Only if they don't draw all westerns all weird like they often do.
There's already anime like that.
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Care to reveal the name?

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Was he autistic?
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he was a big guy
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4 Koryu
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nah, he seemed like a rather sensible, well-adusted guy to me

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Can you please explain to me what a "Chad" is?
People have been using this term lately, and it confuses me.
Someone who fucks your girl
Assuming you had one
So why are you posting Guts instead of the guy who fucked his girl?
Are you a bit shaky on the definition yourself?

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/a/, how do i get a cute little sister that will support me by taking commissions for lewd art?
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Move to gensokyo.
ok that's step one, then what
Force your parents to have sex and give you an imotou

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Second part of chapter 22 is out.
MC still being a fag as usual.


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Time for me to finally solve the "Ass vs Tits" debate, because I'm tired of seeing it everywhere. Screencap this for future generations.
Look at someone's behind. I guarantee that if the clothes weren't there as an indicator, you couldn't recognize whether it's a male or a female, because believe me, there are males whose asses from behind look just like a female one. Actually, the previous sentence is weird. Female ass? That doesn't exist. Ass is muscle, or to be more precise, a collection of the three Gluteus muscles. Many males can have an ass that looks like a female's, and vice versa. The "male biceps" doesn't exist.
>b-but ass is associated with sex
Because it's near the vagina, yes, but quadriceps is near it too, it's a dumb "argument".
The look of the tits depends on the existence of subcutaneus fat and how developed the glands are. There literally exists a term for when males have bigger boobs, it's called "Gynecomastia". There is no such thing for, say, big asses. The "debate" whether ass or tits are better doesn't exist, because one is a muscle which isn't specific (although estrogen, one of the female hormones, does make it so more fat is deposited there, thus females do have a thicker ass on average), and the other is an actual real distinguished thing in females, as it not only serves to be looked at (if the tits are of an adequate size, they are way noticeable than ass, especially because they are on the front, and near the face) more than an ass, but also stores milk for feeding the child. Also, loving asses makes you guy.
Everybody go home now.
For all the retards that use pic related as an argument, I'll remind you that he actually recognizes boobs as being better, but has to pretend as the principal is an ass man. Check the source material of your reaction images.
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For reasons stated above, you literally prefer a muscle present in males, and so many males have an ass that looks like a "female" one.
If you prefer big boobs, you're not a closeted gay because there are no males with chest that look like that, save for those with obese people or those with gynecomastia, but that is becausae of unhealthy lifestyle (former) or genetics (latter). A male can have a "female" looking ass even if he lives a healthy lifestyle and has no female genes.
You're gay.
Hard to deal with the facts, eh?

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So is Guts party going to bite the bullet or was this just a red herring

berserk thread/discussion about the manga or anime or movies
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The golden age arc is literally the best arc in the series.
muh lost children

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Have you bathed your sister today?
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Yes of course. Imoutos need throughout cleaning on daily basis.
posts like this is why japan hates us
Is this eromanga sensei?

Why do blonde lolis make the best vampires?
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Evangeline 2.png
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ITT: Forgotten Anime
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Green > Red > Yellow > Blue > Purple
Purple>Blue>the rest
This anime was so fucking stupid but I loved it. Thank god all the OVAs were just tits bouncing around rather than trying to expand on the awful plot from the novels.

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