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Why does Boruto only have byakugan in one eye instead of both?
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other one is rasengan
holy shit
He looks like a bad OC

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I think most people think it's great, but it's been a long time since it was ever mentioned.

pick one
Monster is Overrated garbage.

If there's anything e-readers good for, it's reading manga
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thanks for the tip
What about spreads?
What about color pages?
And don't give me any of that Kindle Fire bullshit. That's not an e-reader; it's a gimped tablet.

Why she is really stupid?
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Because she is a god
Yes, her guild card said so
A tip of the hat to you as well sir.

So I just finished Brotherhood, and I really really enjoyed it. One of the better shounen anime I've watched, and probably because it was quite concise. It didn't have huge arcs or anything, just one, coherent story that seemed to have been thought out from the beginning. I have a couple of questions though:

- Was I supposed to feel sorry for Envy's death? I was waiting for Mustang to burn the everliving shit out of Envy ever sinces Hughes was killed. I get the other characters' thinking, and stopping Mustang going full rage mode was for the best. But the sentimental crap at the end didn't do it for me. Envy was a horrible person and deserved everything.
- What the fuck was up with Kimblee's death? I was waiting for that Scar VS Kimblee revenge fight for 40 episodes. I know the whole point was that Scar sort of moved on from his hatred but still, getting eaten by Pride is a stupid way to go for Kimblee, who was being set up to be a major player on the enemy's side
- Is the moment Armstrong and Izumi's husband flex their muscles, compliment each other blushingly and beat the shit out of Sloth the best moment in shounen anime history?
- Are there any other anime with evil shota's? Just asking.

And finally, is there any point in watching the 2003 version now? I heard they made their own ending and changed a lot of stuff, but after finishing Brotherhood I feel sort of empty. Could I have some fun watching what the directors made of the story once they caught up with the manga? If so, around which episode should I start watching?
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I think Kimblee was much better done in the original anime
Oh, I forgot to ask, how is the movie?
The most annoying about this show was that stupid chinese kid.

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>/a/'s reaction when they see a girl with any body type other than loli
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Hello, new friend. You have committed the (very common!) mistake of assuming that any recurring reaction you encounter on /a/ represent a majority of people. Luckily, other /a/nons are here to help you dispel this simple misunderstanding!

If you had lurked more in this board, you would have realized that it's full of people who like womanly figures and curves, and that lolicons are far from being a majority.

t. /a/'s Newfriend Reception Desk (Unofficial)
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they sure scream the most. check this out:
If the board's share of haglovers rises above 0%, it isn't /a/ anymore.

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If you waifu came to your plane of existence for 1 day, and her feelings were mutual for you, how would you spend that day?
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I would eat her liver then hang myself.
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Having sex.
Then proceeding to cry during the last few moment that she is there, her disappearing in my arms. Her last words before she disappears back to the 2d plane forever being

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I just noticed this today. lol
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Looks fine, thoughthe thumb seems thinner.
Is it a girl's?

ITT: shows that were too smart for /a/
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Phantom Worldkino
absolutely all of them
Trippy visuals doesn't make something smart.

>copy paste everywhere

Is the anime industry dead?
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when it dies japan will boom again

its kino
It's just a realistic portrayal of Japanese high schools, anon. :^)
arr rook same

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Find a flaw

you can't
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Flat as a board.

Still a cutie though.
She only likes him for his looks. Kaguya a shit.
get out of /a/

So much love for gyarus and tomboys, what about yamato nadeshikos? they deserve love too.
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Isumi really deserved better than being a tertiary, throwaway gag character in a shitty harem rom-com that ran itself into the ground.
I really liked her voice.
RIP in piece.

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you goy can't escape
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yes, and you have bishounen Solo
I came in expecting Fire Punch.

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