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ITT : Post girls you want to FIGHT
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just imagine choking out this dirty water DAMEGAMI with your sweet brazillian jiu jitsu skills
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imagine beating this robot with her own screw

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3x3 thread
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kill ypurself
end thine life

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How much Tezuka have you read?
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A lot of his early work, and all of Astro Boy. I wanted to read through his later work since I hear that's where the real meaty stuff is, but I felt kind of spent after all of those Atom chapters.
I really cant stomach his art-style. I liked Black jack though.
None at all

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"Boring" girls are best. Fite me.
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Except that one from Saekano.
Yeah, Utaha is actually boring.
Correct, it's Megumi.

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How exactly did Shiniji learn to love himself? He was just saying some shitty standard lines at the end.
What does it mean to love yourself? How do you learn to love yourself? What does it feel like?
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He didn't learn how. He had an epiphany and wants to start learning. Basically the ending is the beginning.
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How do I get one?

I wish I could tell you, as it's something i struggle with to this very day.

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last fap
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of the year?

Good for you anon gambare
>This literal Oppai Loli doujin
My sides

Hestiafag no need to reply
Of his life. RIP anon

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What does it mean?
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It means fuck off with your drama bullshit.
inb4 meme cartel deletes the thread
It means hopefully the memecartel meme should die and people will realize everything has gone back to normal now.

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poor sakura.jpg
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Sakura will be the brightest star of them all, just you wait.
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Well, she's already beaten Rin, so she's certainly popular nowadays.
What happened to make her that popular?
Sakura's fanbase is loyal and dedicated unlike Rin's more casual one, and she's the kind of character people grow to appreciate more over time due to having a surprising amounth of depth to her. Fate/Zero might have played a part in it too.

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This is Sakurauchi Riko. She likes bossa nova, yuri doujinshi, chin in hand kisses and being a school idol.

Say something nice to her.
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Y-you too
Woof woof
do you wanna go out...........with me?

Rhythm Emotion > Just Wild Beat Communication
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When the Dragon Swims, Everything Ends > Wings of a Boy who killed Adolescence
delete this

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What did she mean by this
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A square has sides.
Tominese for "The world isn't black and white"

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Help! I'm in love with Aqua.
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Do you want help to fix your shit taste?
Why doesn't she put on underwear?
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You don't need help, it's only natural

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I think I'm the only one who hates Tokyo Ghoul. The characters get on my nerves (even more so in the English dub) and the story lost me because they didn't give me a reason to care about the characters. What does /a/ think of this show. Hopefully we can a friendly discussion about this below average show with ok animation.
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>I think I'm the only one who hates Tokyo Ghoul
>English dub
>What does /a/ think [because I haven't lurked at all to find out]
> Hopefully we can a friendly discussion
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This is the only answer you're gonna get most likely
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The girls in this world will die if there's no mating.
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Translations never
If they dont mate until they reach adulthood they will die.
Also chapter 7 translation when?
Chapter 6 is already out: http://www.mangahere.co/manga/parallel_paradise/c006/
And chapter 7 is just waiting for editing.

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>Villain used to have the same ideals as the MC
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>Villain makes more sense than MC.
>Protag does not give any counterpoints for the villain.
>Just says "you're wrong" and "muh friendship!"

Hate this.
Gundam SEED was hilarious in that aspect. Kira literally just replied things like "not all people are like that!" and "shut up!" to Rau's entire rhetoric.

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