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Just did a rewatch of this anime, and it's even better then the second time around. Show so love for the series. It's one of Sunrise's best.
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>posts a picture of the movie
U kidding?
I liked the show, but it really needed more episodes.
Bad pacing towards the end, not to mentioned Hitomi is an irredeemable cunt.
Pacing was alright, it was just cramped.

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Please don't forget about this show /a/
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>light novel
It never even entered my mind to begin with
Not-tenshi is literally the cutest
How can I forget about it when I listen to Scarborough Fair every single day?

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What does /a/ think of this underrated masterpiece?
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Awesome OP.
Terrible exposition dump near the end.
Loved it except for the last 2 episodes.
>Terrible exposition dump near the end.

The biggest pitfall of the entire OVA series which is a shame

I know this is a question asked a lot but most people just answer with saying "anime doesn't look the same *shows rare amount of anime that don't look similar*". I want more of a historical answer. Is there some kind of reason why anime and manga look so similar or is it just something the Japanese chose to do without any explanation?
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because most asians look similar
Better than 'superoriginal' ping pong or 3DCG shit.
For the same reason most western comics and cartoons look similar.

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Funny, I had this manga recommended for me today, but I assumed it was just a shoujo.
Anyone have a link to scans? Even RAW?

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1v1 me FAG, I'll fuck you up.
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Hres is pretty cute.
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>Gourai has become a bully
Poor Stylet.
This is unacceptable

>she actually visited her teacher's wife's grave
And everyone was okay with this?
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No, Reina lost a lot of popularity after s2. She was really only good in s1 and the beginning of s2
I mean in the story.
Only Kumiko knows and she's a weirdo

Ok /a/, let's clear this up once and for all: what is the best OP of all time?

[spoilers]and why is it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbllUy8h97M
with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HyCUr95LEU a close second?[/spoilers]

stupid EDs are not welcome here!
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this can't even compete with this much 70s disco funk:
The slow descent into despair is fucking amazing and by episode 11 it doesn't even feel like the same OP.

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Is Umaru Mexican?
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Puerto rican
>leeches off other human beings
>repulsive personality
>wears an item of clothing that drapes over most of her body
Yep, it all checks out
lol So Mexicans are lazy and leech off people now?

1 page thread
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> starting out with a bait hentai image

If you are going to do this at least have it be by a good artist instead of this cunt
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>bait hentai image

Are you having fun in your first week here?

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Is this the greatest love story ever?
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It just might be.
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Why are Yuzumori's eyes so terrifying?

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I love "Running in the 90's" and "Night of Fire" but I have never watched Initial D. Is all the music like that, is it worth watching if I am mostly in it for the music?
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Initial D up till the arc before Project D is good. In short I recommend a watch stop at 4th stage don't go further.
>Is all the music like that
Why don't you try
>Is all the music like that
Yeah, there is tons. Gas! Gas! Gas! is my fav most recent one.

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>130 mins
nicu nicu

This anime movie got so much hype but how does it compare to the manga?
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Not /a/
Wait so they already actually made a porn parody of the movie?

Damn those Nips work fast.
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That's great

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>watch entire anime series
>really enjoy it
>"wow I really enjoyed that, im gonna continue reading the source material"
>download entirety of currently available source material
>never read it

Who /lazy/ here?
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same but I eventually learned I stop giving a shit after a week.

So now I just wait
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reading is for nerds lol
>watch entire anime series
>really enjoy it
>"wow I really enjoyed that, im gonna continue reading the source material"
>only part of the source material is avaiable
>last translation released in 2015

Mitsudomoe never.

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