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Screw this manga, for me this panel was the climax. Actual ending was nowhere as good.
I was warned long in advance to not proceed too far into the storyline.

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He's complaining about the lack of chat, give him some love /a/
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>All those layers for a single panel

jesus christ
he's actually drawing now
real stream

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What a let down

Japs cant write endings

>inb4 >mangahere
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I thought those were Rumiko's words for a second. I didn't really need their monologue.
Why do faggots think that streaming if okay if they inb4 it?
Fuck off.
How would you end a manga like Ranma 1/2 in a satisfactory manner and leave it open for future series?
I don't think that's possible

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So we're all in consensus that is is the worst thing the duo has shitted out right?
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haven't read it past a few chapters. why is it so bad?
i read like the first 5 chapters then stopped and then i see this, what the fuck happened?
Tell that to those sales, faggot.

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Did it had a lazy ending?
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The end was literally "buy the game for the complete experience", aside from that, the final episode is one of the few moment they actually put some effort into.
Man this show was unironically great.
I liked the series but the ending was "Buy the game for the true ending".
Was the true ending ever leaked?

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Only the most infuriating scenes in anime history can be posted in this thread
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yeah, vegeta could have escaped, without making goku look like a retard
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what's his endgame?
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it's been too long, I already forgot what that thing was.

the little guy is the hobo god, who's in league with the monsters even though he's human...
getting retconned
Nah they'll just make hobo different from the other monsters

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Where were you when Kaneki and Touka fucked and Etofags got completely BTFO?

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Hakitori is a true philosopher and a scholar
>yfw she eated his face instead of kissing him

This blue haired space elf slaps your space ships stern with a rail-gun. What do?
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Remind myself that I should watch it some day.
I allow her to marry me, cause that space elf is a cutie.
I was going to say marriage but then I felt really bad because her marrying someone who isn't Jinto isn't okay.

Why do you do this?

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I miss the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei days. That series was SHAFT's peak.
Creatively I think so. The work had a sincerity to it then that they seem to have lost with their expansion since.
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Shaft was so much Kino back then.

Are russia to english subs really the only ones available for this?
No group is doing this, really? They all rather do moeshit and battle school harems than fucking Yamato?
Or am I just retarded and someone's done it but I didn't look hard enough, because all nyaas, TT and anidex only had the shitty version from translated ruskie subs.
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Anon, look at the filename.
It's the new OVAs.
What groups?

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I implore you to be nice to her.
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My semen would be nice to her womb, if you catch my drift.
No. Hifumin is a canon lesbian.
Hifumin is cute. CUUUUUUTE

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Well that sucked. Did I just get memed? You told me this was supposed to get good.
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Fate and UBW are equally shit. HF is the only route worth anything.

If you finished the whole thing and hated it, that is understandable too. Even at its best F/SN leaves a lot to be desired.
>it gets good later, I promise
>[stifled laughing]
>just keep reading it
I'm not falling for this again /a/
Ok, it's not really going to affect me either way anon

Is ecchi manga (Prison Break, Keijo!!!, etc) just softcore hentai?
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No, it's just hardcore romance.
Can't speak for every single ecchi manga ever but Prison School is comedy gold.
Not for me, at least. I never masturbate to ecchi, it's not even something I would consider, but maybe vanillafags are depraved enough to do that.

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what did the snow signify?
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Hint for Kei so he would grab her in the pussy in her stead

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