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Kyon-kun, denwa!
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Fuck your shit.
?taht ekil tis ehs seod yhW
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Find a flaw
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shes a thick fat loaf of bread like a slut
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No such thing. Shana is perfection incarnated.
Her show is shit

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Which one /a/?
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Is she the cutest loli of the year?
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Where do you think you are?
Disgusting. They're adorable!!!
Of course

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How do you make Senpai notice you?
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By being a wormslut and trespassing in his house everyday
Hover my finger around him and repeat "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you".
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Why did Sakura pine for shirou when she was getting dicked by best boy everyday?

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I wonder if I'm just getting older or these are just getting less funny.
Probably the second because i didnt laugh in this chapter nor the previous one either. I do remember laughing before that though.
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I can't believe this fan parody is so much better than the new series.

I like it so I'm happy.

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So how's that geimu coming along?
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Soon, along with s2.
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Geimu is coming along well. It's coming along so well in fact that it sold millions.

You should buy it too.

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Did the dubstep ruin it, or make it better?
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The modernization overall took away the creepy, erie vibes from that 70s-80s feel of the manga.
I was about to post this. The original manga had that mid XX century "Body Snatcher" sci-fi vibe that's completely absent from the show.
Holy shit, exactly this.

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What the FUCK was his problem?
If he loved Yui enough to sacrifice literally every human life in existence, in addition to screwing over SEELE, NERV, his own son, and Rei just to be with her again, why did he feel the need to fuck Ritsuko (and her fucking mother)?
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He was the one truly evil person in the series. He was emotionally damaged like basically everyone else but to a much lesser extent (whaaaa only Yui truly loves me boo hoo) and just exploited the people around him to achieve his very self-centered goal.
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He's basically a future Shinji who never learned to overcome his problems with relationships. He relied solely on Yui for love, but never learned to love himself. Thus after she disappeared, he dedicated everything toward reuniting with her. He couldn't even love his own son, because he was afraid of growing close to anyone else and losing them again. So he just uses Shinji as a tool to get back to the only person who ever made him happy.
They explain this in pretty good detail.

He needed their Ritsuko and her mother for their intellects. He was only using them

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This was before Lucky Star and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
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Yes? What's your point?
Get out of Worksafe /h/ retard.

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Would you?
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Transmute them together first
Fuck the dog while Ed watches? Yes.
Ed is cute

I wanna meet the fag who wouldn't

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I still don't understand. Why would Subaru ever turn perfection down?!
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>short haired
I think i know why.
because scum like him doesn't deserve perfection
OP pls. Rem is just as broken as if not more than Subaru.

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Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Rumba > Ringo > Bure?
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Ringo > Bure > Rumba
No, but I'm sure we can all agree that Roulette Roulette > Shoujo Q > Kiiroi Vacances, right?
Bure = Ringo = Rumba

Need more Fate/Loli reaction images.
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All of the troupe members will be on the boat. What can go wrong?
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More Kurapika or Hisoka asspulls?
They already had enough of them
>implying asspulls are bad

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