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Will Guts ever get a happy ending?
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bumping for interest
Honestly I am not feeling the good ending coming. I foresee Casca being de-potatoed, but I also think that if Guts continues down the path of revenge he will lose everything. Casca and his humanity included(a la Death Knight). I think his only path to being "happy" will be to give up on Griffith(like before).

And Griffith, being the self centered person he is, won't like that at all. The only reason Guts, and by extension Casca, is still alive is because Griffith likes that Guts can only think about him. He wants Guts to feel the same as he did. Griffith lost his initial dream and eventually his humanity because in his eyes Guts threw him away. So Griffith got rid of the thing Guts cared about more than Griffith(Casca). Casca is just a little pawn that Griffith is using to keep Guts in his hand. Once Guts moves past that Griffith will just end them.

These are the 2 possibilities I see.

Forever angry forsaken Guts.
A short lived happy life with Casca ended by an annoyed Femto.
the struggler will only know suffering

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Where are they now do you think?
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doing JAV
in my basement
Konata died.

Miyuki is living abroad.

Kagami is an OL in some dead end job.

Tsukasa is a housewife in an abusive relationship.

What is she thinking about?
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Ted Danson. He's a class act.
What a forgettable anime.

I was hoping for Amagami like experience, instead we got a watered down shit.
>How i should ruin other girls arc

File: screenshot-202.png (1B, 486x500px)
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What the FUCK was her problem?
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To her, airsoft is serious business.
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there isn't anything wrong with playing to win
Being too good for this world

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Which eldritch abomination would you take as your bride-to-be, /a/?
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Not a dead one.
too soon
youre the reason why anime is shit. you only watch it to rub your cock to the characters and you have no desire to actually see plausible characters interact with the world. you just want to cum and want nothing more

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Seriously, what the hell did this ending mean?
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be happy and learn to accept yourself
all the shit he put everyone through and he couldn't even choke out someone who he resented because she showed him the slightest affection.
fucking gross. loved it.
more than just the last few second though, the entire ending made no sense

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Why do they like to use this magic walking ocean place so much?
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All anime is secretly set in Bolivia.
It's almost like they are an island nation.
It's visual symbolism for being granted eyes. To become anime is to become transcendant. Man must become 2D to evolve.

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Pleiades is still the only good late night mahou shoujo anime.
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>good anime
I love this anime.
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This is true love, love knows no genders.

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Why are JC so much better than JS?
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They can actually fit my dick.
Pedo is better.
Why is this post completely backwards

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Will the manga get a harem end?
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This anime reminds me of Inuyasha for some reason.
time to git out
post yfw it actually ends with a harem

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i finally watched the first season of code geass
all in all i'm very mixed about it and i'm kind of shocked this series is as popular as it was. i've heard season 2 is not good though, is there a debate on this?
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A thread died for this.
Well tell me anon is it worth watching? Does It gets more interesting? I couldnt get pass the first episode, so far i dont get all the hype.
well seeing as i'm ten years late to the hype, i feel a bit disconnected from how others speak about it. i think that a lot of the ideas the show has is neat but some of the ways they introduce story beats and characters is a bit sloppy and not as well fleshed out as they could have been. also it gets kinda ass pully in the last third which kind of bothered me.
i've seen a LOT of people shit on suzaku, the rival character, as well as shirley but i can't really understand why.
the girls in the show are actually astoundingly cute and leleouch is enjoyable to watch despite some of his actions being so stereotypically anime that they shoot the moon past lame and come around back as incredible.

Why is this allowed?
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Crazy cunts.
>worst to best in one episode

How did she do it?
It's amazing how not being a complete lunatic can do for you.

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Ash XY.jpg
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How did he go from this...
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...to this?
what the fuck happened?
looks like an improvement to me
the artists last hoorah before the officially didn't give a fuck anymore

that's why the series is great up until the shitty ass league

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Remember when a series about fucking candy got an anime adaptation but your favorite show never got a season 2?
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those are some fucking haunting eyes.
I don't care what anyone says, the series was super comfy. Just some kids enjoying their summer break in a rural town.
This was a good show though

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Cast it
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Johnny sins as opm
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Brendan Fraser as Genos.
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Zach Efron is the best choice. Really just picture it.

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