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What did he mean by this?
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>double moles
You're the slut, faggot.
I wonder if that's gonna lead to something, we've got a lot of episodes to go.

reminder kirito did nothing wrong
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Reminder that it sucked
I've learned from my time here that if it sucks, it must be good.
Kirito and his harem.jpg

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How come something this cute and perfect is so evil and perverted?
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You can always use frogs to exorcise her evil spirits.

But i guess she got tainted by going around humans
like gabriel who became a lazy piece of shit.

Satania and the other demon are purified by going around angels and human beings.
why the fuck do you keep posting that cropped image instead of the full one? you fucking faggot

Because lewd is for losers.

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basara missiles.jpg
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Minmay is best girl of all Macross and all anime.
kill yourself

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Why does Kumiko love Asuka so much?
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No idea. Asuka becoming such an important character kind of came out of nowhere.
Sometimes you don't realise how much you love someone until they leave you.
Because Asuka is the best and most perfect girl.

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>Implying anyone else watched it over here

Was thinking of starting to read it, but the whole Japanese names felt odd as fuck in comparison to the subs I watched for the show which had the Chinese versions. I don't know, it just didn't feel as authentic.
Where the fuck is new chapter?
This, the japanese names sound odd.

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>find a manga you like
>translator goes under
>no one else picks it up
What's her name, /a/?
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Every fucking manga series I pick up.
Pumpkin Scissors

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Mediocre show, but flawless design
Saya best girl
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>Kyoani's best seller is Free
>more than half of /a/ is gay
Really makes you think
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>more than half of /a/ is gay

No, they are just loud
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We're all little girls on /a/
That's why we like Free
otaku sexuality is fucked up
news at eleven

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>**1位/**2位 (**2,915 pt) [*,**3予約] 17/07/26 「君の名は。」Blu-rayスタンダード・エディション
>**2位/**1位 ◎ (**2,799 pt) [*,*19予約] 17/07/26 【Amazon.co.jp限定】「君の名は。」Blu-rayコレクターズ・エディション 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray同梱5枚組 (初回生産限定)(早期購入特典:特製フィルムしおり付き)(オリジナル特典:描き下ろしA4特製フレーム[高画刷]+特殊加工ポストカード2枚組付き)
>**3位/**3位 ◎ (**2,799 pt) [*,**8予約] 17/07/26 「君の名は。」Blu-rayコレクターズ・エディション 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray同梱5枚組 (初回生産限定)
>**4位/**4位 (**2,359 pt) [*,**6予約] 17/07/26 「君の名は。」Blu-rayスペシャル・エディション3枚組
>**5位/**5位 ○ (**1,818 pt) [*,**0予約] 17/07/26 「君の名は。」DVDスタンダード・エディション
>**6位/**6位 (**1,778 pt) [*,**8予約] 17/07/26 【Amazon.co.jp限定】「君の名は。」Blu-rayスペシャル・エディション3枚組(早期購入特典:特製フィルムしおり付き)(オリジナル特典:描き下ろしA4特製フレーム[高画質印刷]+特殊加工ポストカード2枚組付き)
>**7位/**7位 (**1,453 pt) [*,**3予約] 17/07/26 【Amazon.co.jp限定】「君の名は。」Blu-rayスタンダード・エディション(早期購入特典:特製フィルムしおり付き)(オリジナル特典:特殊加工ポストカード2枚組付き)
>**8位/**8位 ○ (**1,747 pt) [*,**0予約] 17/07/26 【Amazon.co.jp限定】「君の名は。」DVDスタンダード・エディション(早期購入特典:特製フィルムしおり付き)(オリジナル特典:特殊加工ポストカード2枚組付き)
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>4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
4k anime is a meme since it's all just upscaled to hell and back
Is this thing gonna beat Eva?

>"o-oh hey anon"
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Hey I heard I could get a free blowjob here
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Post nenes.
Y-you too.

Will we ever get a season 3?
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arent we getting an OVA or movie?
An OVA in august but that's it
this show doesn't deserve a budget anymore

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According to a.jpg
156KB, 1000x666px

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This is apprently what the author of Himouto! Umaru-chan looks like. How does it make you feel?
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He looks like a reliable onii-chan
Feels like he needs to have the hamster suit shooped onto him.
He looks like the MC

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What are the best martial arts anime and manga in your opinion?

Ones that stood out for me, if it helps with recommendations:

Dragon Ball anime and manga (esp. pre-Z, when the fights were less fantastical and not all just superheroes flying through mountains)

Hokuto no Ken anime and manga (Amazing through and through, though post-Raoh is a huge uninspired rehash. Some of the best instances of most shonen tropes, for my money. This is about as fantastical in terms of martial arts as I can go without losing interest)

Baki anime and manga (Pretty good, focuses almost exclusively on the fights and has some very interesting and iconic characters. Relatively grounded and displaying a surprising amount of actual martial arts techniques and research, though the powerlevels become superhuman FAST)

Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple manga (Didn't like it at all, quit less than halfway in. Milquetoast and derivative Shonen, shitty low rent Baki-style fights with even more fantasy on top. The Love Hina antics don't resonate with my old fart brain anymore, either

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Hanma Yuujiro.png
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Ippo anime and manga (GREAT. Underdog story, likable protag, mostly grounded in real boxing with just a thin veneer of fantasy on top)

Ashita no Joe manga (Fucking low rent Ippo, main character is completely unlikable. Research into boxing and exposure of techniques is far inferior, too)

Vagabond manga (I'm not even going to waste time praising this one, the fights are VERY realistic, though sometimes very visually noisy. Top notch research into the era and superb character development, too. Shitty pace at times (all the bishonen wankery Kojiro chapters), wish you'd get more fights with non-punks - though this is a bit too artsy for that expectation, I guess)

Aiki manga (all the objections I had to Kenichi apply, though I like the art a lot more. Almost no respect for martial arts or any real attempt at characterization of the martial arts it's supposedly based on, Aikido

How about the street fighting in Holyland? I like how articulate the author presenting how the normal people fights.
Fuck off, there's a board for that, and it isn't /a/.

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