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>I just want to live an ordinary life
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That worked well in Tanya.
Can't blame them. With great power comes great forced drama.
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>it happened... long ago...

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if this smile doesn't remain protected I'm gonna fucking die
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She starts getting real bitchy as Nakano because of her being an indecisive flub.
Good. SHe's likely only doing it because she knows if she doesn't Aya will never change her ways. Everybody is entitled to some happiness in life, they just have to reach out and grab it themselves. To be the masters of their own destiny.
But what if it makes one happy to see others happy?

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>Anon, I'm in love with you! Please take me as your girlfriend!

What do you do?
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I'm sorry, but I'm a terrible person who would only inflict pain on you the closer we get. I hope you can find happiness elsewhere.
Most creepy father-daughter relationship. Maybe next to Matoi-Shingo relationship.

This came out today, anybody interested in it?
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No one on /a/ is going to see this movie until at least the winter
I'll watch it when subs are out, but I'll probably forget. Not particularly hyped for it.

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Marry, Fuck, Remove
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Do not lewd the kaguyas.
I will hold hands with the 3 of them
Marry Hayasaka. Fuck Kaguya. Remove Subject F.

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Is Shinka your rival?
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I admire her from afar
She will never notice you like this.
No, is just my lovely Waifu.

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I starting a Symphogear thread and there's nothing you can do about it.

Kirika a best DESS
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>and there's nothing you can do about it.
Oh yeah? Bet you thought I wouldn't try THIS
God bless top Dad
When is the new season starting?

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The purest.
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What are they eating
niggers so that the food absorbs the impurity and is pooped out
You should make a thread with an actual topic next time.

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It seems like Thorkell is being set up to get killed off before the current arc ends. His death flags have been building steadily for a while now. I hope he at least injures that smug cunt Garm on his way out.

Speaking of Garm, I get the feeling he might tag along with Thorfinn's merry band after this hullabaloo at Jomsburg. Either that or he sticks around to work for Baldr later.
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Is that naurato?
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Historically nobody is actually sure when the real Thorkell died.

But he did stay with Canute for the rest of his recorded life.
I mean this isn't the most historically accurate story out there, but its possible he survives

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Who's excited for the Blame! movie?
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I have a bigger boner for megastructures than I would like to admit.
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I'm looking forward to it. Although i'm worried about the lack of detail with the 3d.
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I'm curious to see how many static shots we get of the structures and how well the overall atmosphere is portrayed. They were a big part of the manga for me.

What was his fucking problem?
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Well he was literally autistic. Didn't help he had a woman's name
He had a girl's name.
Space Autism.

AKA Being a Newtype.

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Shhh, Shouta-kun is sleeping
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this is what i look like knowing i dont have to wake up for an 8am class
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Good night Shota kun.
Gee, I sure hope a personified dragon goddess doesn't wake him from his slumber by suffocating him with her large chest.

Anyone here read Angel Densetsu? Just finished it and it put me in a really good mood.

It's have an Angel Densetsu/feelgood manga thread
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Gimme a ploy synopsis in 5 sentences or less
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yeah, a few years ago, had many laughs at it, was an interesting story and interesting to see that the author that never draw manga after finish that started Claymore
It's one of my all-time favorite manga.

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Wasted Potential: The Manga
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It's still great, fag, just in a different way.
Nothing was wasted.

It's perfect as it is.
What these guys said. Get better taste, bro.

>It's a sex ed episode

And it's pretty good!
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Chin chin
>"Why the boys won't wrestle with me anymore?"
>*touch tits*
>"oh right."
love doremi kayoko best girl
dumb neet lover

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