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Name a better lovestory then Toradora! I'll wait.

..That's what I thought.
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ur mom and me
WTF?? You don't even know my mom, i'm anonymous. Even if you did have something going with my mom I don't care either way!

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I've watched hundreds of anime, from start to finish, in my lifetime. But Oreimo is the best anime ever made.
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That's not an opinion that's just a flat out wrong statement.
Also Eromanga-sensei is better
From what perspective?
Comedy? It's not funny
Romance? It's really generic and not very well developed
Drama? It's forced melodrama trash
You haven't stated your unpopular opinions.

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Well that was fast.
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>be Ray
>try to commit suicide
>best friend stops you
>burns her hands and has to cut off her ear because you were to stubborn to believe in her
>swear that you'll make it up to her
>promise to protect your family with your life and not let them die
>they literally get kidnapped by invisible demons
Emma is my wife.
Emma need to die.

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Korean scans are out:

>Each from new girls showed their personalities.
>Lumi finally finished her Youta pillow.
>We finally got our first plot twist.
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Plot twist is that:
Girls are set to die, if they don't mate before reaching adulthood.
ch7 still isn't on madokami
You can upload it here.

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Just passing by to tell this to all 3 (80?) fans in here.
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And the only and lonely bump
I tend to never spot the threads at the right moment, or miss them entirely.
Anyway, thanks.
I think the anime announcement thread was a rarity and won't happen again until it's close to airing.
Nice, definetely will buy it.

btw, nice volume cover. Lapis is kinda ceepy, really.

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What would you not do to her?
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Leave her a virgin for more than couple hours after our meetup.
Love her.
I love Rem

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Time for Kyoto
Subs never
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>[HorribleSubs] Tiger Mask W - 31 [720p]
I didn't even know this was still going.
We're in the third and final cour, but I hope there will be more someday.

I would totally watch a real slice of life version of this show
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The anime was already a slice of life, what are you talking about?
I think he means a 3dpd show.
I mean turn it into something more in the style of K-on and such instead of a gag show
Do you take me for some kind of faggot

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Written by Anno
She's Anno if he was a 14 year old brown girl.
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What are your thoughts on this list? Which manga would you want to be there and which you think are undeserving of its high place?

For me, Pokemon Adventures being that high was a shock when I saw the list. I've never seen it in any yearly best selling manga rankings and I keep track of it for a long time. How is this manga so high is a mystery. It's relatively obscure battle shounen (especially when we take into consideration it's a fucking Pokemon series). Maybe the list isn't credible? I see Kingdom with 30 million sold volumes but it's so popular lately and there are tons of volumes released.
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Christ, no matter how many times I see it, it never fails to amaze me how explosively popular One Piece is.
>20 million

Shima will return with Space arc some day. You'll see.

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Out: http://readms.net/r/the_seven_deadly_sins/217/4249/1
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fucking finally
Man, it's good to see Diane finally get some good screentime.
> Bartra just happened to have the heart all along
> Meliodas knew everything about Gowther all along

awful chapter

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why are anime girls so fucking cute?
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Humans are biologically designed to find big eyes cute to protect babies.
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birb is exceptionally cute tho
no 3D flaws

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Stop calling me a dork!
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Would you prefer nerd?
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BUU BUU desu wa, motherfucker.
Dia is a haughty slut

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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Puella Magi Madokyou Magica
The most overrated anime of the last 20 years.

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The great debate.
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So do Nips only go for red hair as the staple lead girl in battle harems?
I've only fapped to Stella and not Julis. So I'll go rakudai kishi.
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what are you talking about, /a/non?

the choice is pretty obvious

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