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This show is a masterpiece.
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Good, now that we've seen both extremes, can we talk about why Yayaka is the best?
Could've been a masterpiece.

Mimi apologists are delusional.

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Why can't Asukafags and Reifags just get along?
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Those doujins are the greatest love story ever told.
Is this futa?

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>he thinks the Japanese dont worship us

Even they know the wrong door thing is stupid
>clearly an import car
>not just a random model from 3D storefront, a Porsche 911
>they even bothered making the interior and engine sound correct
You can get the side of the steering wheel replaced for a relatively low cost.

>"uhhhh... mister, why are you staring at me?"
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loli evil.png
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One mustn't underestimate little girls

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Why are idol leaders the most unlikable/retarded sluts ever?
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Get that Mio outta here
There's only one slut though
Fart slut.

What do you guys think of Iggy?
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Quintessential dadrock
Ruined the show
Shit as with everything since the pokemons were added.

Why are bad guys in anime always exactly the same?

>tiny irises
>weird stroke-like facial contortions
>roll their "r"s so hard they're practically spinning them like a baton
>say "haaah?" all the time
>say "whaddya say? I'll kill you!" all the time
>refer to themselves as "orrrra"
>everywhere they go they must rape
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They're making fun of the Yakuza, I'm surprised they aren't sleeping with the fishes yet.
The Yakuza must be really embarrassing to be around.
Nips can't right compelling or believable characters so they just use every cliche in the book.

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Griffith literally did nothing wrong. All members of the Band of the Hawk knew they were gonna die for Griffith's cause. No one objected. Griffith even told Guts one time: "I'll choose when and where you will die for me" or something like that. Guts didn't say a thing to that. It makes no difference if they died in battle or got sacrificed to demons. Griffith did nothing wrong.
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>it's the same bullshit thread yet again
Holy shit

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Why did the franchise die?
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Because Japan let A Certain Singer's career die.
To find the right opportunity to promote the light novel
The series is the most alive it's been in years. Aleister literally saved the whole franchise singlehandedly. The sales and reception of NT18 are the best the series has had since NT9.

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Whats the best way to experience Evangelion? Anime or movies?
I've heard the anime is crap relative to the movies.
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Anime is a solid 5/10. Characters have no development until near the end. Tries to constantly be shocking but if you watched more than 5 anime it's not really. Great soundtrack.

EoE is all you need. Great music again, great story, memorable scenes, actual entertainment value under the pretentious gimmicks.
im triggered
Watch all 26 episodes of the anime and then watch End of Evangelion.

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Any news from this folks? Seems they're quite silent recently.
What series have they confirmed for future?
And what direction you would recommend for them to follow for the next years?
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Some new free movie by the end of the year
I wouldn't "recommend" anything, but I want to see more movies, more artistically serious stuff and less light novel adaptations. And tone down the "photorealistic" style, it's stifling.
Violet Ever Garden

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Starting with the prime example
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Only popular in Italy
A greek loli goddess that used to traffic cocaine
Only popular in Finland and somewhat Hungary

Bear dog rallies ninja, runaways, and other hot blooded dogs to take on demon bear terrorizing forest.
>anime that's only popular int he west
Given the Japs' shit taste, I take it this is a list of objectively good anime, then.

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I thought Hunter x Hunter was an special shounen because of how different it was to the typical shounen and i admired it for that.

After the asspull that was Kurapika getting all his stats maxed, then after Gon-san i thought they were were well justified asspulls baed on how nen works and etc, then it broke my heart that the autor had to resort to a wish granting machine just like dragon ball and finally this? pic related? this shit? im about to drop this shit tell me why i shouldn't.
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Stop making this thread.
You can't drop something if you are already up to date with it.
What was so bad about this? I havent read hxh at all

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episode out
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What does it taste like?
We already have a thread with this exact image you turo-nerd
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sasuga fag

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ITT: things in anime that you will never experience
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