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How did they manage to make one episode every week for 7 years straight?
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Lots and lots of filler moments
It's very easy when someone is just charging their power for 20min straight.
It helped that they had a manga to base off of, but generally they used lots of filler and stuff. Hell, Toriyama actually included moments in the manga so that they can add filler, like Gotenks going to fight Buu and immediately cutting back to him with his ass beat, or the ten days leading up to the Cell Games.

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What would you say was the main theme, the moral story and the hidden meaning of Hellsing?
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Nothing. It's just a mediocre show that relies on gore and shock value.
It has many hidden messages:
Vampires are cool
Guns are cool
Crosses are cool
War is cool

Some say there are more hidden messages yet to be found in Hellsing.
But even simple shonen for kids have moral stories hidden inside them (in example, Fullmetal's Alchemist teaches kids that you cannot get cookies if you don't work for them).

Surely a seinen for mature adults is filled with true depth. I have a couple of theories but I don't want to spoil the broth.

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Was Konobi the most underrated comedy anime of the year?
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it was not only the best comedy last year (despite looking generic at first sight), but one of the top 10 anime last year.
No. I forgot I had even watched it until I saw this thread.
Might be one of the most underrated shows of all time. It's one of the very, very few school club shows that is actually good unlike most CGDCT shit.

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how do you feel about rape in anime and manga?
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I usually dont read that edgy mangas or animes.
And in cases like Berserk its not really rape now is it?
I find it easy to masturbate to

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I wanna finish translating this volume but can't find scans anywhere. Can anyone help me find the rest of raws from chapter 5?

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here: http://rawfile.co/?p=54268
the torrents on both nyaa aren't seeded anymore
that's volume 1-4. the latest is 5. I would buy it but I lack the scanning ability to know how to mass scan a book.
You can commision a raw provider to buy, rip and scan the volume instead of doing it by yourself

If Being X wants Tanya to believe in God, God should provide her with some reward that is actually fulfilling. Being X is throwing all this bad shit at Tanya and Tanya just rolls with the punches cause she knows that is what god is trying to do. Tanya knowing that her hardships are just from a shitty deity then she isn't going to actually start worshipping him.

What Being X needs to do is dangle the carrot of a normal life in front of Tanya. Maybe hit her over the head with the puberty stick and make her like a boy, IDGAF, but even the most assholish Gods get people to actually like them if they bless them with an actual blessing now and then instead of some ironic curse.

I just want good things to happen to my Nazi loli damn it.
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I just want to fuck her.
>be gutter rat who just ate a rotten apple from dumpster
>oh God please help me from this hopeless situation

>be living a comfortable life with no wants or needs
>God? Why do I pray for him if I have everything I want
>wanting to fuck a racoon

What would you do?
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I woud gladly accept it
I would like that very much.
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Kiss her feet.

Ttaha a best. A BEST.

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Do you guys keep pictures of the shows you've seen or just in general? I mean pictures from Pixiv, Boorus etc.

I have 400gb of pictures, too lazy to check what's good quality or not and I never look at it that much.

What about other /a/nons?
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The only show I actively look for art of is [email protected] cinderella girls, otherwise I save pics I see in threads of shows I am watching

Thanks for the rare Hilda by the way.
Cross Ange second season when?

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Best girl.
there are other girls?
She's a small girl.

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>You lived to see Macross become idolshit
>You lived to see Gatchaman become moeshit
>You lived to see Black Jack become fujoshit
>You lived to see Cashern become emoshit
>You lived to see Yamato become waifushit

What classic will be ruined next?
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Emocasshern was great though
Macross was always idolshit, the actual problem is that now it's just plain shit.
/thread. And by now it means since Frontier and Delta.

I dropped LWA at episode 8 I think. It was about Sucy's dream. While I enjoyed the episode I somehow didn't care about the show as a whole anymore. It's hard to explain. Now that there are 19(?) episodes out, is it worth getting back into it?
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This isn't your gurren lagan/KLK story based show, it's an episodic cute girls doing cute things SoL show.
Did you suddenly start caring again? Answering that question will ask your question.
But it doesn't use all of its characters lotte and sucy barely get any attention its all about akko. also too busy trying to explain the plot with the 7 magic words and the theme about animation. The show is stupid.

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Why does literally every single scifi anime suck? I just want a cute robot waifu in a show with decent characters, cool aesthetics, and a coherent plot. WHY IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?
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>Why does literally every single scifi anime suck?
Beause you're a massive newfag and this is probably a disguised rec thread. Fuck off.
One which is just as you described already exists you cockmuncher.
Seen Saikano? It has a cute robot waifu, decent characters, cool aesthetics and a coherent plot.

It's a GREAT anime.

Let's keep talking about Space Jesus and stuff
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The story ends with the memory erasure. The last act only shows what lead to it and why it was the only way out.
>the arms aren't even connected to the body

Holy shit, I thought Toei were better than that.

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hngg I want to touch her ears so much
We just finished a thread, can you not?
I don't understand why she had to take off her pants.

Is this because if she were to be carried having a firm grip on thoses tight is better than holding her by the loose pants?

Whore of the season?
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Go away azazelfag
Stupid demonfag. Nina a pure! PURE!
I don't think you know what a whore is.

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