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When did you grow out of anime and start reading manga?
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Three years ago at the age of 18.
Not even a year into my anime career
>two girls fighting over the guy in the middle
Real mature.

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Why are hisokafags so triggered by this man?
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>Tosses people around like footballs if necessary


What's her problem?
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She's in a bad show.
She lived in the city all her life.

Btw, her backstory is pretty convincing. The part where she is staring at the sky in tokyo, realizing that she's just another cog in the machine is pretty effective.
What's her problem?

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Go hug your okaa-san and tell her you love her.

Post results.
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Hug moms, not fug moms.
My mom lives abroad.
I would if I could. I miss the warmth of a hug from her. Full of love.

Where were you when WIT saved anime?
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so far this season is more well composed than the first. the back and forth between action, tension, and exposition is balanced well. i never watched kabaneri or anything else wit did between s1 and now, but the core staff have obviously moved forward artistically.
>Another scene improved in the anime

Sasuga WIT

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Hi when does his start being good and stop having an eye incinerating color pallet?
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If you don't like the color palette then you may as well drop it now, it stays for good. Even the movie is keeping it.
You have massive shit taste if you don't like the color palette.
Episode 6
>talking shit about the palette

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ITT post your waifu and what you want her to do to you.
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I want her to give me a quick and painless death.
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PS, she will win the Hikki bowl.

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Good morning, /a/
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Where do you expect/want this thread to go, OP?

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>take a shitty degenerate porn VN
>turn it in to a respectable piece of work that's hailed by critics and Ufo's best work to date

How does Uro do it?
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How is Urobuchi's work respectable?
>what if I took a franchise with basically three likable characters, discarded every other one, and created a compelling original story
I think like that
> 3 likeable
> saber


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She's criminally underrated.
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Yeah that body is made for sex.
cum all over mii
Who is that

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Why is One Punch Man the only manga with any hype left?
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because you're reading the wrong shit
Because moe-shit are ruined not only Japanese masculinity and the entire country of Japan, but it's also ruined manga and anime itself.
Because it's the only manga you've read

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I'm going to marry Akane!
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Only if you let me borrow her on weekends.
Woah, so am I!
You do know that she is a whore and probably has std

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Why didn't he kill Danzo instead?
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because shit writing
Because the Uchiha would still have created a war without danzo, and killing danzo would have just radicalized the hardline faction even more
>kill danzo
>other villages know
> 3rd can't make an excuse
>root goes nuts

gee i don't know..

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is fate a good series
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It's great if you can ignore the flaws.
it's pretty shit but all the girls are really bangable

Is he just the most alpha male in anime history?
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>wants to end humanity just so he can see his dead wife

Pretty alpha if you ask me
>obsessed with dead wife
>to the point that he'd end all humanity to see her ghost thing for like 4 seconds
>cared about nothing else, not even his son
>figured he'd become God while he's at it
>couldn't even get rei to do what he said

Alpha? More like delusional psychopath.
I am not only talking about his master plan:
>The way he moves
>His face
>His eyes
>The way he talks to Shinji
>The fact he fucked several girls
>His beard
If he was real every single woman would wet their pussy IRL.
The weird thing about evangelion is how they try so incredibly hard to make the other guy (I can't even remember the name of that inferior male) the most alpha character and they just fail again and again.

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