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Opinion on this?
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I'm not buying the romance from the cop girl, it's so obvious. Not sure if she's evil or just going to get killed or something.
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jagaaaaaan is good, jagasaki is pure
better than gantz

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Create a plot. Criticism is welcome. Hard mode: no Keitai, Lantern, or battle school. Harder mode: No isekai. Even harder mode: Make it a Science Fantasy setting.
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I'll start:
> Magic.
> The calling of power from the Plane of Existance, the center place of all creation.
> To call upon the attributes of creation: light, fire, water, earth, air and darkness.
> To bring forth power from the plane, one must recite a prayer while possessing a Grimoire, a book that acts as communicator to ask for power from Plane.
> To prevent the most powerful of spells from being conjured from the Plane, translation and copies of such high level Grimoire was restricted from the world from the beginning of it
> Alchemy.
> Apart from magic, which is the act of faith and praying for creation, Alchemy is the act of creation itself using pre-existance.
> Using pre-existing materials, one can use the act of alchemy to create a material of higher value or deconstruct material into their base materials.
> It is said to also have the ability to go beyond physical pre-existance, but it has not yet been found.
> One should best understand the structure and composition of a material in order to alchemize, otherwise, there will be a failure or backlash.
> However, the act of alchemy is considered a blasphemy against the Plane of Existance.
> Such taboo against the Plane for playing with the hands of creation will excommunicate those who even attempt the art of alchemy.
> Therefore, in exchange for losing the ability to "pray", alchemists essentially lose the ability to use magic.
> People feared such a thing as an act of heresy and the art of alchemy became an esoteric field.
> One relies on faith in creation, and one relies on knowledge in creation.
> Our protagonist is a young alchemist that goes on a journey to search the reason for his master's estrangement and defection by going into an enemy country and fighting in a war.
> What will he find beyond the truth of alchemy from the man who taught him and as many people's faith gets tested on the battlefield?
> The secrets within the Plane of Existance begin to unravel.
What, too many hard modes? Can't do without isekai?
I actually am writing a light novel

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Is there a more slutty keion than Azusa? Didn't think so.
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Jun...Jun's the sluttiest of the gang.
I want to defile Azusa but I feel like she'd be the one defiling me
Azunyan is a girl's girl

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Did i miss the thread? or you guys aren't talking about the 2 new chapters of takagi-san
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yeah you missed it. suck you you dude
I dont think it got TL'd yet though
Not OP, but I just read two newly translated chapters.
It was pretty smug.
oh shit you're right

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How did this silly show manage to have me smiling like an idiot during the finale when the OP kicks in with those cheesey trumpets?

I wasn't ready for this. I'm gonna go to Japari Park.
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Shit that's a nice shirt
good luck on your quest

Is it ever explained why Serval-chan cried during that recording? Was that her?

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What does /a/ think about mikos?
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ITT: Canon non-virgins.
for public insemination
Cum in them.

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Evangelion is shit
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Why was Saint Seiya never big in the west?
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It was huge in any spanish speaking country
Why was it not popular in English speaking counties?
>the United States of America constitutes the entirety of the west.

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>OST by Sawano
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>opening by Dimitri Shostakavich
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>OST by Choro Club

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hey /a/!
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Is anything other than the movie translated?
Always looked interesting.

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hyuu hyu hyu.jpg
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Best grill.

Oni and french are shit.

Sanae is a good girl.
Youmu > Sanae > Momiji > non2hus
Warabro shot up to 1st place in under 5 minutes.

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>the perfect waifu doesn't exis-
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What does that have to do with a potato?
>Hey i've got an idea, why don't we all start dating dying girls who can't play basketball and ignore the optimal ghost-star waifu?
You can't waifu dead girls

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what's the most fun anime you've ever watched ?
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Aristotle's Metaphysics
Fun la Fun
Gintama, the original 200 episodes or so. Also comfy as fuck.

It's the middle of the month in japan, Fumita
Where is it
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we once waited 2 and a halve months. we got this
that was with an indication that it would be that long.
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I think Fumita feels that he doesn't have enough inspiration and feels boring.

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Why does every gender bent MC want to fuck all his friends?
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>bounded breasts

She's beautiful
>not helping your bros lose their V cards

But why does she turn into a dick machine the moment she switches?

The only gender bending porn I remember where the switched MC doesn't end up taking cock from everyone around them is X-Change and that came out like 20 years ago.

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