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Why did you lie to me /a/? I was expecting some serious edgy nonsense or some kind of Izetta#2 but what I got was a literal AOTS.
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It was cringe shit
But it was edgy nonsense
Also this
>trusting /a/

Was this the peak of Gainax /a/?
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Honestly, yes. A lot of contrarians hate TTGL but that seems to have died off mostly in recent years.
It was the peak of anime as a whole
When was the last time an original anime came out that felt as cohesive as TTGL? Maybe Madoka? What else is there?

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I was just wondering, has anyone else watched/read Excel Saga?
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Yes. Where the fuck do you think you are?
It was the anime that got me into anime
Hail Il Palazzo-sama!

Do you like Jigoku Shoujo, /a/? Fourth season soon.
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Black haired hime cut is just the best hairstyle possible.
Isn't she dead
c-can someone spoil me on what really happened in the season 1 finale? I watched the final episode with my family and wasn't playing attention and somehow missed the ending.

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I'm going to marry Akane!
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>wife material

Why do idiots believe this?
>his waifu is used goods
>his waifu is used goods
>his waifu is a sadistic, manipulative and two-timing monster
that's the real problem here

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it was created
everything post tsukihime
Honestly, what more can be done that hasn't already been shown in Tsukihime or Kagetsu Tohya? The games have satisfying endings. And the manga is amazing as it's own adaptation of Tsukihime's main story route anyway. Anything that can be done will risk being overdone to the point that people will give it the fate treatment of killing the magic behind it. Plus, there's Melty Blood if you really crave more moon princess. Yeah, it's sad that we'll never see that nonexistent sequel or remake. But what we got is enough. Especially the manga.

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>for this episode, everyone dresses as maids!
>don't you love this, you damn dirty otaku?

Question: are maids a meme? I have literally never met a person in my life who actually likes maids. Literally the only place I ever even heard of this fetish is in anime.

Is this one of those anime-only phenomenons that are presented as true even though they aren't in reality? Like the no-underwear yukata thing? Every time I see a maid episode in anime it leaves me more baffled than anything else.
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>not wanting a cute girl in a skimpy costume serving you
Common people love maids as they are something exotic valued by the rich.

Rich people do not value maids as they are disposable commoners.

Fetishization of maids come from the middle class wanting what the rich have.
It's less that it's real maid fetish, than fantasy maid fetish.

If there is a strong enough demand that even maid caf├ęs exist to satisfy the market, then it is absolutely real.

Japan (or rather Tokyo) his the weirdest place ever.

This is the most emotionally exhausting show I've seen in a while. I'm so glad when shows like this can make me feel something.
I know it's hopeless to want the happy ending, but I'm dumb enough to delude myself into thinking it might happen.
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I really am fond of this show. I'm gonna enjoy myself while I'm watching this, and I won't get spoiled before I've finished the last episode.
Is my wife Kotori going to die?
Don't expect the happy ending.
Do expect some more of those warm and beautiful moments.

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you only have enough sperm to guarantee pregnancy in one of them before you become completely impotent.

which do you pick?
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Pregnancy is not a matter solely dependent on sperm count.
There are plenty of variables.
It's like saying you'll roll enough dice until you roll a 6. Sure, getting a 6 with a single die is unlikely. But rolling 10 million dice won't get you anywhere if the dice only go up to 4.
Galko, of course
>No fun allowed

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Why was Tohsaka Rin the chosen one to host the goddess of prostitutes?
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Because Sakura was doing it with Shinji and the worms for free so wasn't a prostitute.
Ironic Rin can't get a Root when her origin is prostitution
Because Tohsaka pleases old men for money.

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xenovia a best
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Her or Akeno.
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I've recently been reading this. Is this some advanced type of psychological torture those japs have come up with?
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Just read the one-shot or skip to the final few chapter. It's just a series that goes in circles.
Some say it's being used as a torture device over at Guantanamo, but it's not confirmed yet.
>I've recently been reading this
Why the fuck would you do that to yourself?

Why is this image trying to imply?
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You have something to say about their majestic front tails?
Climate change affects penguins
descendants of the in love with hululu penguin

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You didn't forget about her did you anon?
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I did until this post. I don't feel bad about it at all.
Does she live in the Vita VN?
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I didn't forget about Eru.

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Why is this anime so fucking good bros?
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I think you have the wrong board
because APM > gear in mmos

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