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How come best girls never win?
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Capibaras are stupid
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Maybe you should stop reading manga that keep making the same mistakes.

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How do we fix Bleach after the soul society arc?
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Focus on the main characters.
Mainly Ishida, Rukia and Renji. Have Orihime and Chad on the side and remove the overwhelming presence the other shinigami had after SS.
Remove the Aizen heelturn and end at SS arc
Make it end after Aizen's defeat.

Rin is my Waifu
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Her breasts are too small.

Is this how Japan sees Americans, a bunch of alien raping chads who love clapping?
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Seems accurate to me.
Well, Japan is the experts on rape.
The whole Nanking, thing.
Those are brits, you fucking wanker.

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Who hyped for the anime?

All it needs to do is make the male characters easier to tell apart than the manga does to make it god tier.
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>pink hair

I do think color and voices will help differentiate the kids, though. Worried the cast will be too large, though.
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I'm excited because the promotional materials suggests we're getting up to volume 7 adapted at the very least.

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What makes girls with long straight hair and straight bangs so perfectly perfect?
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Being Top Tier Tsundere
A scene where they cut it off for character development.
You, my friend, need to neck yourself.

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Reminder with the new impending chapters, that Revy is for vanilla sex ONLY.
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she wants the BBC
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You seem to have Revy confused with Mugi or Galko, please apologize.

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Would anyone be intrested in translating the two volumes for this?

>Satoko Tawada is an office worker. She's almost 30 years old, but she still hasn't been able to find happiness in her life. Fate brings her with Mashuu Hayami, a beautiful 12-year-old boy whom she finds practicing soccer all by himself in the park. Out of a whim, she decides to help Mashuu with his practice, with her knowledge of soccer at her disposal. As they practice together on an everyday routine, the two eventually develop an emotional bond. When Satoko's ex-boyfriend deceives her, Mashuu gladly comforts her. And when Satoko learns of Mashuu's mostly absent parents, she starts to concern herself with his personal life. The two lonely souls find common ground and develop an emotional bond that transcends their age difference and circumstances. With this newfound bond, new feelings start to sprout within Satoko. Are these feelings that of maternity? Or is it something else?
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Here's a link to both volumes in a zip for anyone that would like to read this either way.

how much does it pay?
someone pls translate this manga. I'll literally suck your dick

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No, Kei has already a girlfriend.
in a very comfy SoL type of way with a cozy soundtrack.
No, he's going to get with Nao.

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Would you?
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Why the fuck bother with any hoes if you live in a world of this mangaka? Their fucking dead anyways.
Stop making Jagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan threads, it's fucking shit.
Spotted the moe faggot

Jinbe should NOT join the crew

It just feels wrong. He was a captain of his own crew, his young adventurer years are well behind him, he's too OP compared to the rest of the crew. Hopefully he dies in this arc of the manga.
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looks like my dad and shit
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>his young adventurer years are well behind him

Watch your words, they can hurt
If doesn't join directly he will probably be turned down from joining the crew and just join the Straw Hat Friendship Armada which has been pushed to the background until the next big confrontation with the Marines.

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>Male character has long nails
Why is this a trope? Does that mean something in japenese culture?
Image is a spoiler for Evangelion.
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>a spoiler for Evangelion
nigger are you serious
Well if you see that image and you're on episode 2 or something you know he will go throgh some shit
If it's taken you 20 years to get through 2 episodes of Eva then you deserve to have it spoiled.

Opening theme will be a song specially written for the series by visual kei rock band SID, called "Rasen no Yume" ("Dream Spiral")

Episode 1 Will Air in Japan on Friday 7th July (7/7/17)

MAPPA going full balls deep on this one it seems
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>inb4 they Jpopize whole mehter songs
What's their animation budget this time?

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>tfw welfare gf meme is now real

Starts in July.
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>7 pages a chapter
>nothing ever happens
I don't get why people follow this shit.
Plenty of things happen
Your own fault for being dumb
Lilina best girl. Misaki is a shit

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chapter 22 of chio
But more importantly it is a MANANA chapter
I want to protect manana's butt
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