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Timpopo chang kawaii
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The ED of this show was the best.
I loved MOGRA COUNTDOWN's remix of it so much that it made me finally watch the show.

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I don't know how I feel after watching this. Aroused, I guess? What did you think of it?
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Solid 6/10. The characters were pretty flat, but the story structure was interesting and some of the things that happened were funny as duck like the main boy getting raped when he was 10.
Pretty good.
It had many flaws but still pretty solid.
It had great music and atmosphere.
I enjoy stories when they involve the village life and focus on the characters' relationships in a serious manner.

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Why is Anime so fucking gay?
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It wasn't. Remember CC?
There's nothing gay about CLAMP characters anon.
Well, there was that one character.

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This fucking mother.
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She strikes me as a woman who might have armpit hair.
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this woman would have stretchmarks and cellulite in real life.

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Does Dagashi Kashi have any redeeming qualities other than the fact that Hotaru is hot?
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Saya is pretty cute. But Hotaru's tits are definitely the main reason to watch this.
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coffee has some world class armpits.
i liked the candy trivia

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>it's an arc about a forgotten student onizuka missed on the roll call
>it's another arc about a forgotten student
>it's ANOTHER arc about a forgotten student
What the fuck? How can the author play this bullshit 3 times?
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honestly only thing I remember is how shitty the scans were

you know the ones
>he doesnt read the ultra hd scans
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Will we ever see this animated?

What are the hopes for an S3 of Kaiji?
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i don't even want it because it wouldn't be the same without the dude that did the music. and he's blacklisted from the industry now for smoking weed

fuck nippon
No hope.

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You don't understand.
This is CUTE.
This is the one where she turns into a adult and her childhood friend rapes her. Then she tries to move on, but the new guy she likes loves someone else, then the series ends with her suffering, right?

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Watch Princess Tutu next.
who doesn't miss her?
answer: only faggots that should die
Looks more like a fish honestly. Just look at those gills.

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Shhh, loli is sleeping.
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she's dead anon.
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Dango dango dango dango dango daikazoku. Sleep tight Shio-chan.

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Wtf is this shit.
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For retarded autists maybe.
Too much humor for you to handle? Go watch a Highschool moe SoL

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Why hasn't the tone and feeling of shows like Kanon (2006) and Clannad been able to be recreated since?
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Those two shows were the result of collaboration between Kyoani and Key. Sometimes between when they aied and right now, Kyoani decided to keep making 1 cour adaptations of various LNs and gag mangas instead of doing Keyshit.

Key found other studios to make anime, but as you can see from the results, they've usually had pacing issues due to not allocating enough episodes per series.
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Still upset there's no good LB adaption.
Reminder that JC did Rin's entire route in an after-credits scene.
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Kanon 2006 is my favorite series.

I want to see an anime about a cute girl with a very large and aggressive yet loyal dog.
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Boku no Pico. Then Inuyasha.
Wolf's rain
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Hope Golden Kamuy get adapted someday then

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Character development.

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>my feet hurt
>cutting long hair
WHAT THE FUCK, I didn't ask for guro.

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Who's better, him or Shigeryun?
good taste

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