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>Misato says she will buy'em a steak for defeating the angel and coming back alive
>best girl Asukas knows that Misato doesn't have money to afford it and that Rei doesn't eat meat
>best girl Asuka suggests that they should go to a ramen shop since it is cheaper and Rei can come too

Yet Evil Rei and Evil Shinji don't come to visit Asuka when she is the hospital bed.
Really makes me think.
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>Evil Shinji don't come to visit Asuka
>don't come to visit Asuka
>don't come
Oh wow she suggested a place to eat? What a great friend. Besides Eva pilots get hospitalized every other mission.
fuck you, evil bitch

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>“Anywhere you go, you’ll find people looking at the sky at night. And regardless of their location, they see the same thing.” he said.

old news i know, but it took me time to connect the dots.
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come on
Please don't remind me of Planetarian anon. it still hurts
i watched the movie but didn't play the game. is there a better route?

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How come no one on /a/ talked about this show??

I'm reading the manga and so far it is pretty good. As a permavirgin neet, I have a softspot for romantic comedies.
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Get out of this thread before the spoil shitstorm /a/non.

It was comfy to read at first, but now it pretty boring
I watched one episode at random
It was one of the worst things I ever saw

But now Im curious, someone spoil me
Main girl is run over and killed by a truck

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One will become your waifu and protect you, the other will try to kill you. Choose the best Mi*a*a!
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Both are cucked
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Misaka can use her magic to essentially become completely immune to Mikasa physical attacks, so she's at worst gonna suffer a draw.

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Whos your favorite loli waifu?
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Also does she count as a loli?
Corpse is okay, i liked snail and bat better
I want Ononoki-chan to bully me

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Post the anomalies you don't understand why they are so highly rated
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Bait thread? Okay.
Gurren Lagann, an anime about nothing
*slap bass line kicks in*

Why is Salama so perfect?
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she's pretty hot
Dunno but she reminds me of Maki
Post the pic where you can just barely see her butthole.

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what the hell is inside of kyoani staffs' heads to skipped almost 70% of the content in the manga and botched almost all the characters development?
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Yeah, kyoani should have made the movie 8 hours long
The side characters were the worst part of the manga though. They didn't cut enough in my opinion.
kyoani should've made this into a 24 episodes series
or just adapt the one shot version with some tweaks

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worst anime trope
Russian needs lots of sunscreen at the beach.
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He would have been much less reluctant if it were just Ako putting the sunscreen on.

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ITT: We pretend it's 2006
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Did you hear that Welcome to the NHK is getting an anime?
>anime adaptation for index
Fuck yes. This is gonna be epic.
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Good year

Waifu of the season has finally appeared!
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And it's Sisti!
>of the season
She's not even human.

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pat belly kuuko
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She's dead Kuuko
>can't tickle her because she's dead

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So if I understand correctly, does this mean, that only pregnancy can save them?
That sound like propaganda went too far this time.
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No lewd this week? wtf?

bird doesn't say pregnancy. Just that if girls become adults without intercourse, they'd die.
He says "mating", in which conception is point.
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fucking finally.jpg
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>No lewd this week? wtf?
Because Kimi wa Midara this week.

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Is this really the best way to watch anime?
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Sure, if you enjoy tweaking settings in the command line more than actually watching anime.

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>enter your room
>see this

What do?
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>your room
Underage please go.
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Attempt, and immediately fail, to resist the urge to drop to my knees and lick her foot, obviously.

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