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At what point in an anime too lewd?

Is there such a thing as too lewd?
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motion blur is killing the lewd
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We need to go lewder.

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Death flag or just ship confirmed?
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Newfags out
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>you can see it from the catalog thumbnail
>if you read things from a certain site you're a newfag and you should go away
How can you be so fucking close-minded?
Stupid cunt

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Now that the trolls and shitposters who plagued the threads are gone, let's talk about Seiren and how it compares to Amagami.
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Tsuneki was the only good thing about this series. Ruise arc never ever.
The only reason to watch was for a ruise arc which will never happen.
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It's shit.

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Being called aniki>>>>>>>Being called onii-chan
You can't prove me wrong
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Being called nii-chan is the best.
Nii-san with imouto being younger no more than two years > *

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I tried, I really did...
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but now i'm back on my shit.
hahahahaha anime xd

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Asuka, your bride, is standing next to you with gleaming eyes. What do you say before you swear the eternal pledge of holy matrimony with her?
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"This seems OOC"
Say kimochii warui and then strangle her.
I want you to take a massive dump on me afterwards

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why are these allowed? why are they so prevalent in manga and anime?

why can't we see these characters progress naturally?


there are you happy mods?
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Nips have very poor literature culture and timeskips are really convenient for shit writers.
>Nips have very poor literature culture
What do you mean? how is their lit culture worse than say the american one?
Name an American show with a timeskip

Which show would you like to have a comeback? For me, it'd be GTO and Trigun
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GTO was shallow trash anon, stop being so impressionable.
School rumble, Kaiji or anything Key+KyoAni.
>not liking fun
elaborate please
i personally like GTO for its comfy animation and comedy style

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This is Lucoa. She's an Aztec goddess and needs a place to stay.
In return she will grant you one and only one of the following:

A hoard of precious gems, riches beyond imagination
Knowledge of agriculture, she'll teach you to farm.
Her body

what will it be, /a/?
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First one.
I don't need to make a wish for her body anyway.
I've got no interest in farming and I think her body is pig disgusting, so make it the gems.

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Weird how the best story was the joke story.
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But, that's wrong retard!
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That's immoral!
I thought the same thing. I like older women though so that might have clouded my judgment.

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Happy Mother's Day, /a/.
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Fuck, seriously?
And I thought the stupid old harp only invited me over to have some generic family time.
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I will not.

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Why is she in a washing machine?
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You are in a washing machine.
Nope. You are.
Maybe her butt hurts

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I liked it.

I still listen to the ED.

Also the final arc was great.

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Apparently it was an award-winning novel in Japan.
How's the anime? Does it actually end?

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This is my waifu Shinoa. She's been very moody lately because she realized she is stuck in a shitty show. Say something nice to her
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tfw only bought the mango for her
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Does your waifu smug at you real hard when you spout some dumb shit like a retard?
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ofcourse she does. she has best smug in anime

What makes an anime good?
At least in your opinion?
The characters? Their interactions? The adventure? The choreography of the scenes?
The animation quality? Is the basic concept and the groundwork for a good universe enough? (Are you willing to give up execution for the sake of the concept being good?)
Or just the girls doing cute things?
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It's good if I like it.
It's bad if you like it.
Are you asking what is the single most defining factor? All of those things you listed and more go into making a show good but if you are asking what is the most important to have then that is based on personal preference. Personally character interaction is highest on the list for me but that does not mean I won't like a show with little character interaction if the other parts of it are above average.
Personal preference.

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