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>Reincarnate a boy
>As a girl
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She's best girl too.
I never got how reincarnation works. New life means a new body with new DNA...so a different brain, different memories/skills etc. Shouldn't the person be different too? What is a "soul" if it can bounce from one brain to another? I just don't quite get it but it seems off.
Nigger, it's fucking magic.

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Why didn't he just turn into a bat and flew off the ship?
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It's about sending a message.
Vampires can't cross running water
Maybe his bat hurts.

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I want to fuck an anime girl!!!
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well too bad, because that's illegal starting on may 9th.
she's not real, anon. i'm sorry

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"Congratulations! You got yourself caught! Now what's the next step in your master plan?"
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Feed her since she needs more meat on her thighs
I want to beat up lewd things with Baz!
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I can't think of any clever bane related response that integrates elements of both Prisma Ilya and TDKR so I'm just gonna go ahead and say Illya's little thighs look really attractive right there and I want to put my penis in her snug cun cun really badly.

What are your opinions on animax ?
>flip flappers
>alice to zouroku
>boku no hero academia
>matoi the sacred slayers
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I fucking hate their logo when I watch an anime which was broadcasted on it. It's distracting as hell.
Aren't they the ones that do the weird english dubs for asia?
Better than Hero Tv

What manga are you reading that have no anime adaptation?
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A hunded or two, nigger, I'm not about to list them all. What a stupid question.
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Only I want a anime.
None that you'd be able to read, EOP.

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It's the 15th you nigger
Why is there always a retard like you that never understands how fucking time works.
There is only one time that matters in the world, and its Coordinated Universal Time.

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Why is English dubbed anime always done with American voice actors? UK has the highest standard of voice acting in the world, and Americans turned dubbing into a stupid joke. It's painful that things had to be this way.
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And we should give a shit because?
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>British English
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Fuck off, not /a/.

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Did you like it?
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I like tits better.
I would like them more if they weren't on some crossdressing faggot.

Maybe on some buxom lady?

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So the ReLife company was sort of a less shitty version of /adv/ in the past? Hmm interresiting
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Daily reminder that Hishiron is best grill
Nearly 3 years since I saw that and I still don't know where that came from...
Wait, this is 3 years old?

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Last Week's Chapter is out.
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oh right, I forgot that we are effectively 2 ch behind.
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>no Yu-Gi-Oh general on /a/ for HOURS now

So is it official then: VRAINS killed the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise?
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Yuya no duel de?
>VRAINS killed the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise?
is there no new episode of vrains this week?

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What the actual swear word, lads. I was going in this expecting a comfy read and instead I get broken bones, bleeding orifices, and living corpses. And I love it. Kinda hyped for the adaptation coming soon.
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Knights of Sidonia turned out to be a bit grittier than I thought. Personally I enjoy when a series throws me for a pleasant loop. Air Gear did that, but the problem was it wasn't a pleasant one.
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I wasnt expecting S.T.A.L.K.E.R either, but now I want a mod for this

>Such is life in the abyss

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>reading manga colored
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That's racist.
i don't like manga made by black ppl either

Why make the same thread with the exact same image every 2 weeks?

Some manga comes with like the 1st two pages or so colored anyway

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New chapter is out. It's lewder than you'd expect.
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asshole at least post them in order

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