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This is Ragyo and today is her day!!
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She was a great mother who produced strong daughters.
What would you get her for mother's day?
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Thanks for giving us best girl Ragyo

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I have a spastic colon.
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Tell me more.
Dead channel
You can tell it's a Toei anime by the lack of shading.

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4x4 Anime w center.jpg
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4x4 thread for once
3x3s acceptable
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KyoAni Emotion Enginejpg.jpg
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I don't have enough favorite anime to fill a 3x3
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-NHK, Aria


3/3 I didn't know there was a Godzilla anime

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What did he mean by this?
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He means that he's sure, I think.
He meant its May 14th, 2017

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What would you do if you switched bodies with Mitsuha, anon?
What would she do as you?
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Masturbate. It's the only correct answer
>What would you do if you switched bodies with Mitsuha, anon?
Finally have a life.
>What would she do as you?
Absolutely nothing.
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mitsuha smooth.jpg
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>tfw my visual guide finally arrived

It was such a good read and well worth the money, but I recommend you listen to the soundtrack as you read it. The music is just so magical in making you instantly remember the scenes where they played in the film.

As to answer OP's question, I would do this.

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>Has no sense of camaraderie towards his teammates
>has a goal and is driven enough to trample on others to achieve it
>has an average car and still manages to be one of the faster racers in the fastest team
>has cool theme music that plays when he bumps people (has no fear and will fuck you up for the win)

based Shingo
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But Shingo has his cronies.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But you already posted it today.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
I like it though

Priest class is honestly worst class.
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boi if you don- GA-HYUCK.png
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go fucking play an mmo with a party that has no priest, i dare you faggot, i double dare you.
There's a second season?
That's what happens when the priest thinks it's a paladin

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Are Madoka Magicas lolis??
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The main girls aren't really, but Yuma and Nagisa are though.
Which ones were those?

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>I'm neutral. That's why I'm harboring vampires and helping them take down other humans, because that's the neutral thing to do.
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Fuck that guy, in the end he made all the deaths meaningless, since that loli will repeat it all over again somewhere else.
lolis have the right have to have their wishes fulfilled
To be fair, he didn't help them take down humans until the end, did he?

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Reminder of what?
That Kirino a shit.

Kirino a shit
Thank you OP.

What about learning to read? Being new is not a problem but acting like one it is, if you are not careful you might end up as this guy >>157214918 he's already going for his first year here and still doesn't bother in lurk anything.

You have 10 seconds to post more overrated anime from the last year

Hard mode: No Re:Zero
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Eromanga, obviously. KonoSuba made me laugh at great voice acting and comedic timing at least. Eromanga is Oreimo 2.0 abomination with no substance.
Hero Academia

Best mothers day anime.
Omae Umasou da na.
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End of Evangelion
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Otome Dori.jpg
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Shh, witch is sleeping
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Sure is quiet in here OP.
I want to have sex with her when she's sleeping.
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Meaty witches.

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Just finished watching it. The animation was top notch and there were some great episodes like pic related. But I found myself constantly being annoyed by both isako & yasako and the story in general. It's a shame cause I really liked the concept and some of the side characters. Am I the only one who thinks this way about it?
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Yes, you are. What is wrong with you?

But in all seriousness this show is one of my favorites, but having only seen it twice, it really hinges on the viewer being invested on the big questions right from the get go.

It relies on some pretty heavy exposition as well which is only obvious if you don't feel engaged with the characters, but on the second watch the structure is pretty obvious. If you don't like either of the protagonists, I can't imagine any of the heavy moments hitting at all.
File: 1294206271345.jpg (177KB, 900x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>I found myself constantly being annoyed by both isako & yasako
You misspelled "aroused".
I actually was invested in the big question but not in relation to the main characters, but more so in relation to the system and as to how everything connected. As for the protagonists, I felt like they were really generic and predictable in every situation, while some of the side characters like for example daichi and akira were way more interesting.

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