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What would sex with Shinka be like?
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Masturbating with razor blades.
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Shinka likes dog cock.
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I don't like it when you talk about me like this.

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>OP by Yousei Teikoku
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It would be nice if this happened more often
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transparent akira 1.png
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What kind of faggot doesn't like chuuni metal?

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> Be Jap
> Make stuff
> Stuff becomes popular overseas
> Want to tap that market
> Find partner abroad
> Local Jap distributor: LOL nope! We do it for you. We sell license, you get license fee (after we get our cut)

... and this is why CR, Funi, Daisuki, Discotek will always have job security (some more than others)
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>buying anime
>buying porn
And water is wet.

It won't stop retards from renewing their CR subscription
Instead of importing.
What do you mean popular?
Who the fuck is that?

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/a/'s thoughts on Attack on Titan?
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It was okay to like it before it got an anime adaptation but now it isn't because it's too popular.

t. /a/
Yuuki Yuuna did it better.
This is pretty accurate, same thing happened with tokyo ghoul.

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Started this. It tries to be cool but it fails at that. Does it get better or should I look for some other military animu.
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I'd just drop it to be honest.

First off, for a "gun" anime, its knowledge of firearms and firearms users is incredibly poor. Sure, it names off things, but for the most part, *real gun users use nicknames in combat*. It makes for incredibly clunky dialogue, where they shout out "He's got a Negev LMG" or "Mi 24 Hind D" said out in full. They'd say, "Hind, take cover!" or "Target, machine gunner, 9 o'clock". There's no addressing the amount of bullets one can carry (in episode four the bad guy guns down an entire opera house with what looks like one nutsack, and that does not hold enough to gun down as many people as shown with one shot-one kill, let alone firing like a moron), there's no tactics, people take stupid shots (god knows how many times they shoot at held guns, a stupid shot to take under almost any circumstance), and nothing in it gives the idea that the people who made the show or manga have any knowledge of guns beyond their statistics.

If you think that's semantics, it's because good gunplay (if it was there) would be the only saving grace, seeing as the writing is atrocious. The females are otaku-bait, everyone's a philosopher (and a bad one at that), talking is always a free action in supposedly high-pitched gunfights, the three storylines shown thus far are worse than Black Lagoon at its most ridiculous, and it just has nothing going for it.

I wanted to like this show as well. I wanted a good gun show to come out. But this is far from it. Hell, High School of the Dead was better about its guns. And when you lose to HSotD at anything other than pantyshot counts and size of boobs, you know you aren't doing well.
Yeah i know it is very obnoxious. Black Lagoon while extremely unrealistic, had fun characters and interesting atmosphere. And here it is like bleh.
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got you covered bruh

There might not have been any boob fanservice in episode 6, but I thought Hinako was extra pretty in this one.
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This show is garbage except for the large-breasted 9-year-old.
What's her endgame?
>People are still watching this trash

How can CGDCT fans be this desperate?

Is Reiner autistic?
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I don't think so, but he's definitely gay
He's a schizo as you will find out next episode.
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Someone made non-shitty English subs.

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Mega link for anyone who doesn't want to make an account.
can't check it right now
is it softsub?
It's just an srt file, so you'll need the raws.

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Can you tell me who the young girl with the pink bow is?
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Is Burg a spook?

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Why the fuck is AnoHana so highly regarded?

If i wanted cheap teenage drama that makes no fucking sense I'd watch the latest hollywood cashgrab series

First of all, the whole cast were all unlikable fucks.
Menma was annoying as hell and spent half her scenes crying. This was supposed to be the cheerful girl mind you
Anaru went from being influenced by her slut friends to being influenced by her deranged childhood friends. Such character progression!!
Yukiatsu was supposed to be the asshole yet ended up being the more likeable of the group for being able to mock himself instead of skulking in self-pity and cheap tears like everyone else
The only one of the group that had any reason to be as obsessed with Menma as they were was Jintan for being the only one able to see her ghost. All of the other's actions made absolutely no fucking sense except maybe based glasses girl

I spent like 2 or 3 episodes sad, then it became an emotional shitshow that I felt was just trying to get a reaction out of me instead of dealing with the characters' clear issues in a satisfying, or at the very least convincing way.

Tell me /a/, why?
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same reason your lie in april is, babby's first drama
Anohana was good anon. Obviously you won't understand it if you didn't have childhood friends.
I watched it because a friend of mine recommended it to me and because of anaru doujins. Hot garbage.

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Feel old yet /a/?


look at the date
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>day too early
10 years later and we are still fuck-ups
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I haven't killed myself yet, but I hardly call this living.

Just finished this. Why did they decide to kill him? He was bland as fuck and literally who compared to every other main. I couldn't care less for Spike dying. I honestly thought that Jet is going to die and felt pretty down just expecting it to happen. Was it supposed to be emotional? If yes to who?
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Shock factor. And it worked well since people these days unironically think Cowboy Bebop is either great or a masterpiece.
Is the moral of the story
"Hoes aint worth shit, dont be a fag like Spike"
I didn't even get why did he go off to die. Before that I thought he was trying to get to his long lost love. But now that she was dead and he was constantly preaching about how past is past what was his motif? What an annoying fag indeed.

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What's the first thing you notice about this image?
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Plain girl.
Is that flexibility even possible?

Six episodes left, can they save it?
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I'm avoiding watching the show because I prefer to marathon SoL stuff rather than following it week-to-week but I keep seeing threads asking can it be saved.

What does it need saving from? I'm assuming the OPs are largely just shitposting and the show isn't lower than a solid 6/10 at worst but I'm confused what it could be that is causing these threads to spring up since they're a specific type of shitposting I don't really see used very often for SoL iyashikei.

Did Trigger go full retard and try to make it an action series? Is it just bombing in sales? Is it full of QUALITY that only the BDs could fix? Did it get up its own ass with bad melodrama?

Enlighten me, please.
LWA isn't SoL or iyashikei.

It doesn't need "saving" either.
>can they save it
Nigger last week episode was so fucking HYPE that both /a/ and the normie crowd exploded, what are you even talking about.

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