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Happy mothers day everyone
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Happy mother's day everybody.
Fuck you
grr im mad cuz she died!! fuck you anon!!

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Disappointed waiting for season 2
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What did /a/ think of Ghost Slide?

I'm reading the manga now, and I gotta admit, it had me spooked during the first few chapters.
Thank God things calmed own during Nelly's story.
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Man, Fuck Nelly's Story.
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What? But it's pretty comfy so far.
Just because it's not in your face horror like Ohashi killing his sister it doesn't mean it can't be good, anon.
What didn't you like about it?
It's just a meme to hate Nelly's story imo. Anytime a story changes tone (e.g. Vinland Saga, Berserk) people are quick to jump on the hate wagon

>first time seeing this scene
>laugh at what a fucking loser aoba is
>realize I'm a bigger loser than her
>feel sad
>second time going through new game
>laugh at what a fucking loser aoba is
>realize I'm a bigger loser than her again
>laugh even harder, don't even give a shit anymore, aoba's still a dyke loser

Is this how if feels to be enlightened?
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How is she a loser in this scene?
What is this expression trying to convey?
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She's pursuing her dream and still has a social life. Anon, I think you're just projecting.

There's an OVA? When'd it come out?

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>girl walks in on guy changing
>beats the shit out of her
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>girl is late for school
>sprints out of house with toast in her mouth
>accidentally runs into mysterious boy
>falls, chokes to death on toast
>remainder of show is about responsible girl who is always on time and gets straight A's
>she never marries but devotes her life to science
>Anon goes to /a/
>Finds yet another cancerous greentext thread complaining about anime cliche followed by a reaction image
better than an anime general

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Is Gohan back, lads?
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Think he could win a rematch with Frieza?
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Sure, why not.

Your roommate Elma ate the lunch you had packed for work tomorrow. What do?
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Rape her.
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Eat her pussy and sweaty butthole as a replacement.
What did she mean by this?

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Why didn't you tell me Five Star Stories was back /a/? I thought it was on hiatus forever.

I guess /a/nons here are too young to even know what it is.
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It's been back for like four fucking years (with another short hiatus in there). This fact has been mentioned various times in the last, I repeat, four fucking years. It's not our job to go and update every random out-of-the-loop schmuck daily on things that happened while Valvrave was airing.
Most people don't read FSS because it hasn't been translated in a very long time.
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Scans have been posted on /m/ for almost a year now, where were you at?

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Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong here? Seemed like a great concept.
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What are you talking about? Nothing went wrong. It sold great.

12 eps instead of 24 plus maeda being a tv hack (see charlotte)
Good sales don't make something good.

Hey, I upgraded Iori for you guys.
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Reminder that Tony was right


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I just finished the anime and I feel pretty good.

I heard that there is more in the manga, but it has a really sad and heartbreaking ending.

Is it worth it to read the manga, or should I just stick with the happy anime ending.
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Read the managa you won't get more as the managaka is dead.
The heartbreaking ending is that the author died.
Before the series ened?

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Why does this show ruining annoying piece of crap exist? Fuck mascot characters.
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Talk shit get hit.
sad industry
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>Hating Vyrn
How could you

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mootvsyotsuba keeponeloseone.jpg
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left or right?
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Who is the 3DPG jew on the right?
me on the right
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>comparing the ultimate daughteru to a literal who

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>they used JC instead of loli when referring to middle school girls

kill yourself faggots
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Who are you quoting, bucko?
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People who don't say loli are fags.
But that's a valid term, JC = joshi chuugakusei = middle school girl
Don't take your EOP autism out on others

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Next season
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Cute underwear
I can't wait for /a/ to freak out about black haired girl's boyfriend stuff.

The memes will be hard
This is the first time Creators in Pack is doing a full-length TV series ad not a short

I can't imagine the animation to be decent

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