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>character comes from England
>speaks japanese
>character comes from China
>speaks japanese
>character comes from Outer Space
>speaks japanese
>character comes from the 4th dimension of the demon lord
>speaks japanese
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>audience is japanese
>character speaks japanese

really engages the cranial gears
It's animu. What do you want, VR simulations?

I do, I want a VR simulator about me and my waifu living together in a comfy country house
>is autistic

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Why is Rin so meaty?
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Old men
Will I get plump juicy thighs if I start pleasing old men for gems?
She isn't. She's pretty underwhelming in the chest department.

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How come cell went to hell in the anime? Do robots have souls?
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He's an organism you mongoloid. His name is literally Cell.
He's called Cell because he's made from cells. He's an artificial life from, a fake. Shouldn't have a soul.

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Return of the finest widow.
Hashtag: "happening".
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>Hashtag: "happening".
Stop. Don't even do shit like this 'ironically'.
I wish the author would drop all the bullshit and go straight to this ending.
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I want to cum on Ritsu's forehead.
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But keions aren't for lewd you god damn degenerate
they aren't for anything; they're fucking brainlets.
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yui lewd.jpg
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I want to put my penis in Yui's fatty teenage pussy.

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Have you ever wanted to create a doujin of a series that you like?
Did you ever have neat ideas for it?
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I'm learning how to draw for this purpose.
So far I don't have any plot ideas though. Just ideas for lewd poses.
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Great anon, i hope you manage to make it, if do you it you should post it here to see what people thinks about it.

The other day i was getting ideas for a yuri doujin about tsugumomo (pic related) but i know i won't do shit. I'm quite sad.
Yes, I have an idea for a doujin based on my favorite series and two original ideas for hard sci-fi novels. I have a natural drawing talent, but I need to practice a lot and sharpen my proportions first. Right now I'm just practicing.

I want to fuck megumin and make her my new waifu!!
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in you go.jpg
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>new waifu
She's 12
Careful with the STDs

>this fucking scene
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>She'll never found you
requesting img with akane and a "please be patient i have autism" hat
picked up

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Why didn't Yang take Reinhard's deal? He was literally the only person standing in the way of galactic peace. He could have lived a full life just smashing Frederica's pussy on Fezzan and bantering with Reinhard a few times a week while wearing a snazzy uniform. But instead he turned it down just so he could give his republican dream (Iserlohn dictatorship) another chance. And even then, Julian just pissed it all away for nothing a few years later. I'm still angry
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The show needs a remake with better art.
He didnt want to suck on his nipples

Does this actually happen?
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I wish it doesn't.
Salad should have been the rival.
Salad is long dead at that point, anon.
Salad is fine.
Only an Uchiha can kill an Uchiha, and the rest are dead, so shes invincible.

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Why do Seinen manga's not get any adaptations while we get simple shonen bullshit every season?
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Anime is for kids
They are often harder to adapt, they are not as profitable, and the censorship is also an issue.
They don't sell toys

Kase-San Update when

I don't even like girls but I love this fucking manga but like if all Yuri is like this I'm a dang fool for skipping out so long
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mBp6DYQ - Imgur.jpg
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Posting more Yamada and Kase-san
I'm not even into yuri but I want them to scissor lovingly before I insert my dick into both of them.

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confused anime girl.jpg
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Doesn't it bother you that the cute anime girls you jack off to are created and drawn by sweaty men?
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Jokes on you, the creator of the girl you posted is worshipped by his fans
All girls were created by sweaty men
>he doesn't exclusively jack off to anime girls drawn by female artists

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He's my shota back off.png
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So what now?
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i dont get it
Do you understand the context of that picture?
Depends ... behind him there is a ravine or a flowering field?

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How would you confess your love to JCs?
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