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What's the second (2nd) thing you notice about this image?
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Did she piss her pants?
The anchor?
No penis.

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Haven't read any manga that can actually make me laugh. Best they can do is make me smirk a bit.
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I really hate you because you're too stupid to make a logical argument and instead rely on an anecdotal one.
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why is kawasaki tadataka so good at hentai
and his comedy manga is good too
>Henshin Ganbo
Fuck Nisio.

Why aren't normies watching Hunter X Hunter like they are with Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul?
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Because it's not a meme show. More memes are required.
They are.
Because it's a standard Shonen in a world where people prefer the "dark and mature" atmosphere in shamelessly edgy series like SnK and TG.

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Holy shit, what is up with this show? I'm four episodes in and it's like somebody accidentally bumped the DORAMA intensity dial up to 7000% and then just left it there. Should I expect them to be dramatically shouting semi-coherent monologues at each other for the rest of the series?
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Touma's shtick is talking at his opponent until they lose their resolve and taking the opportunity to punch them in the face.

Touma is basically one of those protagonists who would prefer to talk things out rather than resort to violence, but his charisma stat isn't high enough and he's too much of a pragmatist.
Watch Railgun instead, 700x times as good.
You're going to love the last episodes of Index II.

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How to ruin a manga in four chapters or less
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l expected a far more retarded twist, it was ok
I don't even know what's going on anymore
It was fine.

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dbs buu.jpg
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Strongest DBS character after Goku and Vegeta.

Almost immortal and can recover from even having his head chopped off.

The tournament of power is already won thanks to this sexy bastard.
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>What's that, you want to see this fan-favorite character back in a real fight for the first time in 20 years [animal abuse doesn't count]?
>Ha, fooled you! He's going to sleep! Aren't I a funny trickster?
>Instead have even more Frieza, because bringing him back and then creating a Frieza clone wasn't enough!
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Fit buu is one of the best new designs in super and now they throw it away after one episode.
>>What's that, you want to see this fan-favorite character back in a real fight for the first time in 20 years [animal abuse doesn't count]?
>>Ha, fooled you!
Pretty much a summary of DBS

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What was last season's AOTS?
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The otaku pandering video game adaptation was the unironic AOTS.

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But she already lost. Unless you mean her descendent.
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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
>of clock

Fuck Marry Cuddle
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Cuddle, kiss on the cheek, give donut
Fuck all three, marry all three, cuddle all three. They're all extremely cute/erotic.
fucking would only lead to disappointment, marrying would be unfair

I just want to cuddle

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No, he is Natsume's shoujo prince.
Yes. Literally all male characters in Natsume are.
Except for maybe one of his two friends at school.
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You mean you are not gay for Natsume?

ITT : 2 characters from different anime who can be best friends
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goku and luffy
Izana Shinatose & Eureka (Eureka: Seven)
Kazuma and aniki Rance

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Since most of you have the impression of trigger being a studio that saves anime i would like to know what are your opinions on Space Patrol Luluco if you've watched it
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I liked it. The crossover episodes were shit but the rest was pretty good.
It was a fun little show that is best watched with /a/ instead of your own.
I liked it
it even made me feel a little at the end

>elite assassin since childhood
>name feared throughout the kingdom
>gets beat up every single episode and either loses fights or wins by the skin of his teeth

Fuck this fucking piece of shit series. This battle shounen shit is not appropriate for the light hearted harem-esque comedy they're setting up. You don't portray your hero as some amazing genius, then try to be "realistic" by having him job every fight so the audience will take the arc villains seriously. Fuck this garbage so hard.
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Your fault for watching a harem in the first place
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>someone who sucks at direct combat, but excels at eliminating unprepared targets, loses in a direct combat against people who are good at direct combat
Mystery of the century.
>be assassin that specializes in surprising enemies by neutralizing magic ahead of time
>get shit kicked in by people who surprised you first
Seems normal to me, OP. What did you expect, Kirito?

>GTO - Paradise Lost 086 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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I forgot this even existed. Is it any good or was I right to drop it at the premise of
>literally the same shit again with a new cast who are idols
I saw that ch 84 is missing, any valid link for it?
Hey danke, I hope your request link is still active and that you check it. Thanks for this and thanks for everything.

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