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Is this the peak of anime
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which anime is it?
Gurren Lagann is a masterpiece, but it gets better if you keep exploring.
The movies were nice and all but they really didn't add much, felt more like beating some shiny new tricks into a dead horse.

Is there a boyfriend(female) more handsome than Mio?
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her name is Aoi.png
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did this ever get finished? i stopped caring after the season ended.
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>scanlations stopped

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So Kino will always be on the front page!
Why not posting some shitty OC instead?
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>This will only be stickied temporarily.
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Here's my OC.
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and the original

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considering that the series took place in about 2007 to 2008, do you think Light took down Osama bin Laden?
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If it wasn't him, then who did?
shit, I should've clarified if Obama didn't. Obama wasn't inaugurated until after death note aired
Wait, did the series actually take place after it was already over? That seems like a pointless future timeskip.

>someone actually scanned the complete Prisma Illya official art book compilation
Absolutely fucking beautiful.

Samples no longer.
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>holding hands
Absolutely haram
Well, source?
well then show us the pictures anon

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He can fight Hisoka and kuroro at the same time,aren´t you hisokafags and kurorofags noticed?,but are you blind,fags.
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This guy is going to be irrelevant and powercreeped to hell once Brion shows up. We're going to see Brion actually lay waste to the military whereas Meruem was taken out by a nuke.

You almost got it right ESL-kun; keep practicing!
at least saitama can rape meruem.
it´s a fact.

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Who do you like more?
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No question.
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Mob best boy of all time

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Anon, do we live in the sticks?
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It fucking sucks. No internet and hardly anything to do.
No, every city is different. Our city is just its own flavor, that's all. We don't live in the sticks.
because people in the big city would never approve of our marriage

SSJGSS Vegitoo when
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We had that during the Zamasu arc, buddy.

>Roshi giving up his life for THAT move

Hasn't he tried this multiple times. SUICIDE = Instant DQ
he alone should be DQ from using tool

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Why has Berserk been moving so slowly for the past decade? Writer's block? Did working on it for 12 hours a day for 20 years break him?
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Miura has cancer and is going to die before he finishes the series.
but Miura put the greatest arc in history of manga and animes,the golden age arc,he surpass marineford war,enias lobby,chimera ant,yorkshin,and others,it´s the "arc with the close to perfection"the development character,and the betraying are the most better things and it´s so good.
Challenge:say 1 arc,and need to better than golden age,shonen or seinen.
[email protected] have really been pumping out the games.

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Be real, would you do this for your best bro or is Kuwabara a better friend than you could ever hope to be?
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Thats what I thought
Only if we both say "no homo" right after
He was Okuyasu before there was an Okuyasu

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Homura only took a piece of Madokas power. That means that the law of cycles is still out there. Why is Homura still hated? That also means Madoka can be with loved ones.
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Once again, Homura did nothing wrong.
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>tries to pass itself off as breaking anime tropes
>somehow manages to have literally every cliche in the book
What did they mean by this?
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>tries to pass itself off as breaking anime tropes
When the fuck did it try to do that?
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How many shows have you watched OP the signs were all there that it would be a cliched harem.
>tries to pass itself off as breaking anime tropes
I don't think it tried to though. It knew it was cliche shit from the beginning, and ended as cliche shit.

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This was kind of a clusterfuck
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It was also kind of a masterpiece
I didn't like it, but a lot of people liked it
This was really fucking boring. Plot was simplistic. Villain was saturdaymorning cartoon tier. And it was repetitive to boot.

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In today's episode, things exploded.
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I will post this every thread until they dock if you catch my drift.

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