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Is this Family of the Year (FOTY)?
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god i wish that were me
I prefer this family.
So progressive.

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OVA fucking when? Return to Scarborough Fair.

Also new part of Volume 5 chapter 4 got translated. 110% suffering. Nephren best girl best pet just got fucking widowed. Faggot should've knocked her up first.
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What exactly is the Nep drink?

Looks like a variation of a layered iced coffee, probably as a float of some kind.

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>no LN translation

Why? Garbage Narou shit gets translated every day but not this?
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I'm reading the manga and it seems alright, but what makes it anything more than Vanadis but with power level wank?
I like it better than Vanadis.
Also made by the guy who write Lodoss.

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Did you guys like Joshiraku?
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I liked waiting 3-4 weeks for the last episode to get translated.
I didn't understand a lot of the jokes but enjoyed them none the less
What did they mean by this?

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What do you think of Rin acting cute?
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Still shit
Cuter than if she acted well.

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why hasnt there been anymore seasons? they were really popular and haruhi has a ton more material to adapt, does kyoani just hate money?
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>hy hasnt there been anymore seasons?
Google it, imbecile.

good question, this one I actually don't know

Anyway, Azusa thread?
Azusa thread.
Because youre too fucking retarded to understand how the advertisement industry works.
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Aoba smile pink.jpg
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The girly pink shirt look is nice on Aoba.
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She should be called babaa because she's so ugly.
It's the first time I've been genuinely sexually attracted to Aoba and see her as a woman, rather than a not-middle schooler.


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kyo glasses.jpg
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Is Kyouko the most popular Madoka girl since she's in everyone's top 3?
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Mami is.
I don't think she's even the best Kyouko in the show.
Not so fast.

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>season 3 for an anime gets released
>skips a bunch of material between seasons 2 and 3 and all we have is a lazy recap in the first episode of season 3
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name two anime that do this
Cardcaptor Sakura and Monogatari.
What does Monogatari skip?

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Why are elves so amazing?
Favorite elf in Anime/manga?
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Show me the THICCEST elves you've got /a/
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kaiji kun one more beer and sausages you'll be s happy hhhmmmm yeah hai kaiji kun motto motto haiā€¦..

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Surprise will never be adapted.
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Why is Adachi hugging Haruhi
Greatest love story ever told.
The best scene in the whole series will never be animated.

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image (2).jpg
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Whom here ready for the eclipse
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That's not how you use "whom".
Yeah guys, it's whom'st'd've
Whom is just a fancy word for who.

I appreciated Spring season before, but only now do I realize how great it really was. Summer17 truly is a pile of shit.
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Don't worry candy-chan, fall is going to be great again.
Haven't heard this one a million times before
The funny thing is that judgement shouldnt even be cast prior to midpoint of a season. Calling it shit by week 2 is just retarded.

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Wombs v1 p000a.jpg
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Gonna storytime the first few volumes of Wombs so as to pick up a few more readers before the final volume is translated this fall.

Basic synopsis: In an age of space-travel, two groups of humans are at war over a planet. The technologically superior group has the upper hand but the other group staves off defeat through the use of limited teleportation which only they know how to do. The catch is that teleportation can only be done by females after they've implanted inside their wombs the organs of alien creatures native to the planet.

The synopsis might sound weird, but it's a surprisingly serious military sci-fi manga. Give it a try if you like gritty war stories. The series is only 5 volumes long and the first 4 are already translated.
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