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Someone has to say it: these three are by far the most overrated characters in Cinderella Girls. However, Rin or "Shibuya" as you memers like to call her is the absolute worst offender with all these shit threads posting about her mediocre ass. Done with this shit.
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Dookie is alright.
Fuck off. Uzuki is the only one with an actual Cinderella story.
Isn't it depressing that Shiburin is way more popular and way more loved than you'll ever be?

what the fuck is the death note ending
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Sorry, was it too deep for you? The manga ending is way better anyway though.

What the fuck is her problem?
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PTSD induced autism
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Best girl syndrome.
Making template threads

On the left we see Chihiro and her family entering the portal to the spirit world. On the right we see them exiting at the end of the film.
How come these shots are the same (aside from the different backgrounds and shot order)? Surely this isn't because of budgetary/time constraints, right? That seems silly for a Ghibli film.

In my understanding, Spirited Away is about the growth of Chihiro and how she overcomes her former timid self. It seems contradictory for her to still be clinging to her mother with a sour expression on her face. Even still, they went out of their way to have these scenes be nearly identical.
What's the reason for this? What am I missing here?
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Miyazaki is a hack.
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Oh, right, of course.
The ending with the dragon was so random and stupid. Did they really think a total non-sequitur deus ex machina like that was a clever ending? It was a weird end to an otherwise pretty good film. My interpretation of Spirited Away is that it's Alice in Wonderland but in Japan.

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She lost it and thinks Croisant isn't real and doesn't exist. A subconscious mental fabrication.
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Every thread deserves a reply
I hope the slap she's going to get next chapter is enough to end this retarded "twist"
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this arc has been fucking retarded

asami's girlfriend is adorable but is he cheating on her?

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Episode 104 just aired, let's talk about it.
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fuck off
It was pretty good, lots of action and Hit got to shine for a bit, also Champa having a vuvuzela was hilarious
I want to blow on champas vuvuzuela after he has already slobbered on it.

ITT: Coolest / most unique looking weapons you've seen in anime.
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That's not even a sword. It's just a giant dildo that Gilgamesh uses to pleasure himself daily.
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Is Mahoutsukai no Yoru the magnum opus of Type-Moon in terms of writing, art and BGM compared to their other oeuvre?
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Why did you use a French word?
It's not hard to compete with current Type-Moon.
Sure the visuals are really fucking good but I feel the story would have been better told as a series of novels like KnK. It probably would have done better too since people couldn't be arsed to drop the 9000 yen or whatever it was on a 9 hour visual novel.

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Have you ever just paused while watching an anime to wonder what the fuck it's creators were on?
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Only when I'm half-asleep.
Is that a Jojo reference?
Dude Jojo reference LMAO.

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Lads, how do we fix /a/? Evidently the guidelines in the new sticky are not the answer.
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shut the fuck up
Fuck off.

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yeah I like Daicon better

You're trash.
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Nope, Freud is 100/10.

Why is the Assassin class so useless? They literally can't win any Grail War and are usually killed in the first few days. Pic related is especially fucked where she can even kill her Master if he even touches her.
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If the REGEND had been summoned properly, he would have won the grail
Then why is he doing that?
Because the Knight classes are designed to win and the others are designed to lose. It's a feature of the grail war

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Reminder Zeno is super weak. There has to be some kind of ploy here. He created the universes and can destroy them anytime he wants, but he can't see the fighter's movements from his own universes? It makes no fucking sense, there has to be something else

or toriyama is the usual retard
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Dude chill, how many time does this need to be said. Zeno has no fighting abilities, that's why he needs the guards otherwise someone could just pop in front of him and kill him.
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When will Super have actual violence or brutality?
>Roshi watching saiyans and cell games on tv: THEY ARE SO FAST I CANT EVEN SEE!
>Roshi in RoF: holy shi- no, actually i can see something

Whatever the plot demands

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How does Oreki restrain himself?
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They'll have plenty of time after they get married.
From beating the shit out of her for being the most annoying anime character ever? I have no idea either.
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Kiss me Anon

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This is your dragon for tonight.
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Looks like a filthy fucking knife-ear to me.
this, gas the pointy ears
race war now
Filthy n'wah

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