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What'll Ikuni's next masterpiece involve?
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Him being a washed up director.
A coming-of-age story of a young teen girl, lesbians, sex used symbolism, symbolism used as sex, etc
Apple symbolism

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is this aho gal's son?
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looks like a girl to me
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>that one time he fought Godzilla

Sci-fi / Action / Supernatural/ Seinen manga created by Icori Ando, which is running on Tokuma Shoten's Comic Ryu Magazine.

When a person dies, their soul leaves the body in the form of a butterfly and the body itself rots away quickly after. The "butterfly" is recorded as data for a person's lifespan. 49 days after the "butterfly" leaves the body, it disappears forever. The government "Death Agency's" job is to collect, freeze and manage those butterflies before they disappear. Using these managed butterflies, the family of the deceased ones can come in contact with the dead in the form of 3D hologram.


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File: 01
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Why is it that anime makes burger eating look so obscene?
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What do you mean, OP?
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Shinji is very protective of his sister, Sakura.
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More possessive than protective.
Matou Shinji [Person]
Source: Fate/side material (2004-1-30), p.074
Fate Dictionary
Shirou's friend. Sakura's older brother.
As Rider's Master, Shirou comes into conflict with him on numerous occasions.
Though he is selfish and has the bad habit of looking down on other people, he is virtuous in his own way, and while he may be warped he is not actually a bad person.
He values rules (but he doesn't follow them himself), he hates injustice (if he's not the one responsible), and he is kind to women (excepting "his" women, of course). As you can see, he's clearly a pretty cool guy.
Due to the gap between his "ideal world" and the world he actually lives in, his personality has become warped, but when Shirou first made his acquaintance four years ago he wasn't nearly as bad as he is now.
As you might expect, he stumbled across Shirou doing menial tasks for people free of charge, and despite (seriously) deriding him as an idiot from behind his back, he hung around with him until he was done. At the end of the day, Shinji laughed as if he was having a good time, and exclaimed, "You may be an idiot, but you sure do good work, at least!"

Perhaps Shirou appreciated Shinji's honesty despite his foul mouth, because afterward they became friends.
Though Shinji often made fun of him, in the shadows he socially assassinated anybody that took advantage of Shirou, and frequently invited him over to his house to hang out. It seems they really were close.
However, as you know, for a temperamental genius like Shinji even a friend of many years is not safe from suddenly becoming his enemy for incomprehensible reasons.
Basically, he's the kind of person that's reliable when he's on your side but ends up being really troublesome if he turns on you.
Originally there was going to be an option to accept his invitation to join forces in the Saber route, but tragically we ran out of time and were forced to cut it.
Ah, if we'd included that route (let's call it the "Shinji route"), players would have gotten to see a bit of Shinji's good side, but there was just no way. Please, find it in your hearts to forgive us!

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Where the fuck is season 2?
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Liliana a best.
Thats a weird way of saying Erica
TV advertisement of source material has ended. Now buy and read light novel

IS the netflix version different from the already aired version?
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You could say that.
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What the fuck? Thank god we had fansubs for this holy shit.
HS used the same shitty subs as NF. Watch Asenshi's subs

>the answer is a blender
what did he mean by this
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Who are you quoting?
Baby fuck thread?
Baby fuck thread
The guy in OP's picture?

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Hi Kyon. Ask me if I'm genki for the 15,000th time why don't you.
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Are you genki?
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Being Yuki is suffering.
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>The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is good

Why haven't you found and impregnated your Mitsuha yet, /a/?
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Love and marriage come first always, anon.
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I work twelve hours on twelve hours off every day of the year except for holidays
Real women are a pain in the ass

When will he finally stop holding back?
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Proto-Vegeta is not well-liked among the staff or something. He has no arc set up to prove himself in the ToP like Gohan does so he's just here for some light fanservice. Shame too, I always thought it was cool how his minimal involvement in the Buu saga when he saved Dende and Satan ended up being a huge help later.
That would be really interesting and possibly retarded if Tien has been holding back since he met the space monkey race's ace.

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CLANNAD GENERAL: [Not a General Edition]
fuck off with your shitty star

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What does it taste like?
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Like a swing and a miss
can she do the same thing with her breasts? not that i'm into guro or anything haha...
>It's poisonous
>She wants to kill Kobayashi
Tohru is under a curse that requires her to be in love with her rescuer and that is the only way to break it.

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This is the best transformation in DragonBall history besides SSJ4. Prove me wrong.
You can't.
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You can't prove an opinion wrong, even if it is a moronic opinion.
You would be right in any other case, but this is just a fact.
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>implying SSJ4 is better than God of Destruction Goku

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Dumping the story of a cute butcher.
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