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Well, I'd be damned, after all these years a splendid anime
This has actually been a masterpiece so far
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sshhhh shut up
we don't want normalfags to know
give her the dick kei
I have enjoyed the ride so far.
But I would still wait for the ending before calling it a masterpiece and I am saddly certain, that it is going to be some kind of halfed ass shit.

What if...
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facebook filename
Its just a doujin. Get over it.
A being of ultimate suffering

Chika Vs. (You), who would win a battle to death?
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Depends on who gets the gun first. Chika is more /fit/ though, so she'd most likely have the advantage.
Someone post that picture of You choking someone between her thighs.

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Why would Toga give a shit about Deku when her partner is Twice the man he is?
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Because Deku is a hero.
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Because only Deku makes he head big girl the van smile law (if you get my meaning)

If Deku had OfA more or less on the age that Bakudo received his quirk (around four years old or so), he would adapt to the power or just kill himself trying to use it?
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He would probably die if he tried to use One for All as a fucking toddler.
If you realistically bump that number to around 10-12 years old, he'd have better control over it assuming he trained since childhood.

If someone went on the Todoroki training program at 5 then they'd have a shot at getting it in middle I think.

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Who was the love interest?
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I want her to sit on my face
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Am I the only one who doesn't ship Ao with Gourai? I saw it as a mother-daughter relationship. That being said, Styko was best girl.

Was he right /a/?
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No, stop you're doing it WRONG your supposed to start the thread with a pic of Joshua and ask if he's autistic

The Intelligence Division was better off going after Ouroboros instead of attempting to overthrow the country's GOAT queen.

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Just finished this. Is there enough material for a season 2 or is it an anime original ending? At what chapter does the manga continue?

Really though. Lets talk about this show.
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Degenerate yaoi bait
No idea about the source material, but the chances of a sequel at this point it nonexistent, it's too late. Really like this show though.
noitaminA has long since gone down the shitter, no longer producing projects like this one. Doesn't help it flopped.

The studio is gone too, so there's that. If you want more, watch ACCA, it's by the same author.

I'm pretty sure it dived into anime original territory towards the end.

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Official thread for upcoming season 2.
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i love umaru!
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gay muh
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I brought some schnax for you

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List of current active Dragon Ball Super threads:

>Piccolo thread
>"the Z-fighters are useless" thread
>Gohan thread
>Fake new character bait thread
>"We have too many fucking Dragon Ball Super threads so lets talk here" thread
>"Come up with new idea to save Dragon Ball Super" thread
>Vegeta thread
>Trunks thread
>"Android 18 is hot" thread
>"Why did Goku marry Chi Chi" thread
>Goku's new form sucks" thread
>Tien thread
>"Super Saiyan Blue sucks" thread

Before this all would have been one containment thread, two if the old one hadn't reached the bump limit yet. But hey, at least we're following the "General threads are bad" meme again right
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By tomorrow they will be tired
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shhh, dont criticize the thought police, theyll be here soon

you have to understand that moderators are fucked in the head. they think they can "improve" something by controlling it. they think that "they alone know best," and somehow "quality discussion" (however they define it) is somehow superior to what the users want to post.

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Anyone else feel really bad for Inukai?
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Why is Makoto so incompetent at everything?
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>If Inukai takes a bath during the day she smells like wet dog
>If she takes a bath before bed she's sweaty by morning
Anyone who says they wouldn't furiously pet full dog Inukai and treat her like a dog for that short time, disregarding any future punishment it may bring, is a liar.

Let's do our best lads.
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Make seƱor Gohan the MC again.
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1. give gokus new form a better name, limit breaker is not bad but not catchy enough
2. cauliflaXkale fanservice
3. moar ATATATATATATA but better animation
4. toppo vs gohan and ribrianna vs bajita in the same episode
5. hit better not fucking job
6. freeza vs jiren one fill episode
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Literally none of the non-Saiyan Z-fighters are fighting-relevant.
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fuck off 3rd world DBS spammer
They never were past the arc that introduced them, Goku was always the strongest.

Hey. Dumping some Nishioka.

>Rather more representative of the Nishioka siblings' writing style than Kami no Kodomo, this is a collection of one-shots that explore the thoughts and feelings of ordinary people in an odd, surrealistic manner replete with atypical and symbolic illustrations.
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Anyone still watching?

Kissu today
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Double kiss in fact
This episode was really cute.
What kind of people does this show target?

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