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What the fuck is this? Is it for real?
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Only a pleb couldn't appreciate it.
I guess I should have expected this kind of thing from Hanazawa but fuck him nonetheless
Did it end?

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>there are people who seriously watching anime on 2x speed

for what purpose?
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How can you even read the subs that fast?
1.5 actually
I don't have much time
If you take more than a half-second to read a line of subs you're probably just retarded.

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What the fuck I think I'm in love with this baka
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fuck off faggot shes mine
Do your homework Kyon
Whats your imouto's name Kyon? You tap Haruhi, i tap your imouto.

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There's only so far I can stretch my suspension of disbelief before I call bullshit.

I don't care if the setting is in a fantasy with magical powers.

If a character is portrayed as being human, and having no special powers to stop bullets or prevent them from hurting you, why the hell are guns always either completely inaccurate or shrugged off like they didn't even hurt at all?

How can you hit someone with a sword and kill them, and hit someone with a bullet and it doesn't even phase them?

How do people dodge bullets but can't dodge a big 2 foot wide sword paddle?

What kind of training academy do these fucking soldiers go to that they can't hit a bunch of high schoolers traveling at a slightly above average speed?

What kind of paste eating retards are being hired at these super secret government organizations?

OR, my favorite trope of all, the character is fucking RIDDLED WITH BULLETS, but somehow is still walking around.

NO, I don't care if by some miracle NONE of your vital spots got hit, there is no way you're standing up after becoming Swiss cheese like that.

1/2 (theres a second post so hold on fags)
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The same goes for magic shields. Ok, I understand that a magic shield blocks attacks.

But with people using high caliber assault rifles against them? Really? These aren't fucking paintballs. This shit will fucking kill you.

But a sword can break through that same magic barrier no fucking problem. You just have to swing it hard

Or how about? "My armor/cape/McGuffin blocks bullets." Well ok, but if it's powerful enough to stop bullets, why can't it block the far slower and less impactful sword?

Do these fucking idiots not KNOW HOW PHYSICS WORK? Do they not realize the speed at which a bullet travels? What kind of matrix gravity defying bullshit it actually takes to dodge a bullet in midair?


Just once, just FUCKING ONCE, I wanna see an anime that portrays guns realistically, and not treating every gun like it's a fucking peashooter.

Burger, it's pass your bedtime.
Go to bed and don't bother to watch cartoons not pandering to you.
Its fiction mate, calm down.

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Why hasn't /a/ figured out who the biggest one is yet?
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Do you even know what a jobber is? Hint: It's not somebody who loses a fight in a way you consider dumb.
Nice meme, my /v/ friend!
I've been on this website for years and I still don't understand what a Jobber is

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It's not Style over Substance, its Style /AS SUBSTANCE/

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>almost 7 years
How can I sex up Stocking?
Will you finally shut up about this shitty anime?

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Well /a/?
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Dog connoisseur.
M-mommy! I love you, mommy!

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Seven apple on a witch's tree,
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I wouldnt let Horo thread died without a single reply.
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I've been meaning to read the novels where the anime had left off for over a year now. The furthest I've gotten to was the boat, but I always seem to lose interest, put it down for a while and then have trouble picking it back up again.

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>no evangelion thread

you fucks literally have one job, and you can't even fucking do that right.
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I haven't had a job since 2010. Stop lying.
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Posting best girl
There is really nothing to talk about anymore with NGE except rehash the same topics, until some news shows up with 4.44.

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>Season 2 confirmed

Why ruin a great show with more pandering?
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except it isn't a great show , not even as good as nichibros
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Get out you fucker
meh i dont care

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Bless you


You might be remembered.

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What's the ideal skirt length for anime girls?
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Belt height
2 cm above the ankle
The longer the better.

What would you do with a tiny waifu?
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Get fucked.
Put in jar, fill jar with various bodily fluids. Shake well.

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titans or boredom.jpg
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>another TALKING: the episode

This show is just a goddamn Slice of Life isn't it?
Yeah, It's cleverly disguised as a Zombie horror when in reality its just a Slice of Life in a different setting-in this case: apocolyptic. and yet somehow the japanese can even make THAT boring!
yeah this is how I wanna spend my anime watching weekend, watching Four characters talk in a Tree!
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Sorry you didn't get your full blown violent titan sex scene this week. I'll be sure to contact you if the next episode has too much dialogue so you don't have to watch it.
>implying an apocalypse horror slice of life isn't dopest shit

This series has some of the best action I've ever seen in a manga/anime because it goes beyond muscled men shooting laser beams at each other. An exposition episode to build the lore and develop the characters is needed every now and then. Sorry you have ADD.
Kids here days...

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How good DBS would have been with the original 90's style and ost?
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Despite the shitty animation its main problem is the script, so no matter how you animate it, it would still be shit.
I don't think there are enough animators that even know how to traditionally animate anymore, especially for a project the size and relentlessness of Dragonball.
no they exist, its just the good ones arent going to work on db super, no matter how much they're paid

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