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Who's your favorite manga/anime MC, /a/?
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deku a shit, shitty selfinsert character for fags
I wouldn't call him selfinsert, at least not in the negative sense
It's true that he's an character that you see yourself in but it's more of an ideal/inspiration thing
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Who was this character's target demographic?
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quirky man children
The l from /lgbt/
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Hey /a/, I was reading To Love-Ru Darkness a long while ago but I stopped because of the speed of new releases. I can't be bothered to re-read the series for context that I've forgotten though.

How did it end? Did the protagonist every get with any of the girls? Did it get any better?
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Everything was finally set up for space harem and then suddenly
>His troubled days continued lol
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Rito confesses to Haruna but realizes that he's also in love with Lala so Haruna and Lala agree to double date Rito. And so our days of love trouble are set to continue. The end.
Weren't we supposed to be hearing about the next Yabuki project soon?

Also, any news on what the final OVAs will be covering?

>when you apologize, you need to show your navel
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Osananajimi hardly win
You have to say PUAH right after finishing a drink
Kon kum for chiya

Find a single flaw with this pure heart, I dare you.
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She isn't Mars or Venus.
Likes Chads.
Best girl

What do you mean? Doesn't she want to destroy the world?

How does /a/ feel about the fact that most anime is animated by Koreans?
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Coreans are dog lier.
If I were a Nihonjin I'd be furious. I'm an American so I don't really give a shit. It's pretty hilarious though to finish watching an anime and suddenly see Korean names start popping up as soon as the credits reach the animation section.
Just keep them in the credits where I can skip over them.

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Is Deku the "kid appeal" character?
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First for true love
I ship it

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What does /a/ think of Go Nagai?
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Not the biggest fan but I respect his work
I thank him for inventing ecchi and combining robots.
Devilman is one of the few Sh┼Źnen mangas I actually liked. He is an interesting guy all and all.

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This guy walks into the club, slaps your girlfriend on the ass, and proclaims she is now his property. What do you do? Keep in mind his powers.
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I bend that bitch boy over and fuck him in the ass.
Get between him and her and tell him to leave her alone. He'll be impressed by my display of courage and lose interest. She is also canonically a hafu, so I don't think he'll care about her.
>jobbed to a japanese teenager
Yeah I'm good

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Is this, dare I say it, the most beautiful scene in anime history?
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shouldnt you retards be fighting over your favorite ships from years ago?
It's been done before, and it will be done again ~
Not just the visuals, but the ambience/soundstage.

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What makes genderswap Satoru Suzuki so coveted, /a/? Would you do him (her)?
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Gap Moe is the only answer
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overlord figures.jpg
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For those interested, some nips are making fanmade figures of overlord.

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Are the rumours true? You know which ones I mean.
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Yeah he's an attention whore.
yui is pee
Yes shes my gf

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post asspulls
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Gear Fourth

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post ayano
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Ayano belongs with Toshino
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Ive heard scholars saying we are in a post ayano period, but I think we are actually post-post ayano.

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Fuck off.
Show her my dick
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