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ITT Anime characters you hate
pic very related
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no, you don't understand

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Why didn't Sora take Steph's virginity? Consider the number of times Steph had challenged him to a game.
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Because he's a virgin hikkineet.
Sora doesn't understand human emotion.
You can't take what's already gone.

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This guy walks up to you and awakens your Origin. What is it?
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The power to watch Kara no Kyoukai and only fall asleep once every 2 movies, instead of every one of them.
I don't see why anyone on /a/ wouldn't have the same Origin.

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Nah, she just knew she wasn't the best girl so didn't go for the MCb owl.
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Doing something nice for a girl doesn't mean you've got her pussy reserved for you for the rest of her life.
NTRing bitch

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can someone confirm this?
i may or may not have possession of a baby and would like to train it.
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Can confirm it happened to me and now i'm the strongest man on whole north east of Rwanda.
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Please do not drop the baby.
are you saying this because you want me to do drop the baby?

are you saying this because you don't want my baby to be strong?

I don't know who to believe

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What's Miyazaki's best film, and why is it Porco Rosso?
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It's one of my personal favorites
I can't say it's my definite favorite but it's up there, at least it has the best ghibli girl I can say that for sure.
movement like no other

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Possible Yoshino victory incoming?
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More like Yoshino friendship.

The author really didn't plan any of this shit when he started writing it, did he?
the author didn't planned shit, he was led by the momentum and then decided that he had no idea how to end it, so he bought himself some time with the paris arc and then some month hiatus + extra filler chapters and still has no idea what to do
It looks like he's trying to keep the harem going.

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It's too shit and insigificant
I didn't realize it was untranslated. Looks like I was thinking of Remix Heart.
I want to make love to Mai

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Okay, /a/, this is your shrine maiden for the night! Please treat her well!
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I'm gonna deflower her!
that is not advisable, legal, or morally acceptable!
Do you realize that she already has a bear husband?

Why do you autists hate this poor girl so much?

All she did was fall in love.
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Because women need to know that their place is in the kitchen
Naturally, people who watch a romance series want the main couple to end up happily ever after and don't want anything to come between them. However, this particular show seems to foster the mindset that any obstacle that the couple faces should just go away on its own or solved by the hero (in an unambiguously righteous way that also conveniently avoids any conflict), absolving the heroine of any wrongdoing or inaction and framing any challenges that the couple faces as being "in the wrong" rather than something that is merely a natural part of life. "Akane and Kotaro are entitled to a perfect love life and they're entitled to meet their dreams", that's the way I see how the show currently presents itself. I'll be happy to see that tone subverted soon because this would be a really shitty story to tell if it's going to be like this from beginning to end.
Cuz confessing to your best friend's boyfriend is not a nice thing to do

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Who is ready for some of /a/ favourite robot waifu last fanservice? The OVA that comes out with the last Blu-Ray Volume finally came out.
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She wasn't my favorite waifu robot, but Mira was cute. I guess I'll watch this.
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>robutt waifus won't be available in your lifetime
Why even live
I hope she doesn't fuck Kyouma.

Is the manga even being scanlated?

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>Mou ikkai~
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henneko op.gif
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Mou Ikkai

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Adult bat sexually excites me, please tell me she's like this for the majority of Kizu III. Kizu II only had a brief scene of her near the end and it was too fucking short.
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she's like that through most of Owarimonogatari 2 because Koyomi was killed so she went back to normal

She hunts down Gaen, has an epic fight and eats her heart
I'm pretty upset you spoiled Owari 2 for me since I only watch the anime but knowing that we're going to be seeing adult Shinobu throughout is good enough.

Can't wait.
I didn't spoil anything tho, I am lying my ass off

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How do we make sports anime good again?
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More Haikyuu
I said GOOD. Homoshit is the opposite of good.
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>team members are constantly fighting for the attention of the female club captain

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>Constantly voted the best seiyuu by fans and peers

>Favorite of Disney Japan

>Voices numerous actors from Eddie Murphy to Brad Pitt to Chris Pratt

>Can voice cool guys and comedic characters

>Taps that sweet, sweet Rie Tanaka pussy every night

Is there anyone more based than Koichi Yamadera?
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>looks like a cross between a flip and a mop
>Taps that sweet, sweet Rie Tanaka pussy every night
still mad

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