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Which do you think is the better singer? (Keyword, singer, not the one you want to marry/fuck)
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I actually remember Ranka's songs, which is more than I can say for Sheryl.
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Ranka. Hands down. No contest.
Ranka's got a better voice, but the best songs are the ones they sing together.

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Room mate was a mistake, bring back imouto.
Where is the unaired episode?

Hello gentlemen. Would you like to purchase some Christmas cake?
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No, they look expired.
Sonobe's voice makes my heart flutter.

Sansha Sanyou was really good. I'm surprised it isn't talked about more. One of the better CGDCT to have aired these last few years.

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Am I the only one that cares about Detective Conan?
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i do, but i haven't watched/read since 2015
Persona 5's anime will be trash like Golden, also the waifu wars will reach new heights.
No, but these threads are usually a hotbed for retards telling unsuspecting people to skip over half of the show in order to create more retards that perpetuate the cycle

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Is everyone ready for Wakaki's next failure?
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Translations when
First chapter is already scanlated
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Translation came out today. If 4chin made it easy to dump instead of having to do 30 captchas I'd dump it. Not paying $20 to make it easy.

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I feel autism isn't linked with acting. Acting is a skill to build upon.
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Why did this anti-bully ranger/pls no bully thing take off and become such a popular meme?

Like what is it about this scene that is so amusing or special?
I don't really watch anime so can someone more learned explain please.
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My best friend went over my house and he was saying that he watched Haruhi so I asked him who was his favorite character, so then he said Yuki. So I said, "You know I have the same hairstyle as her." He said, "Hahaha, you do, that's fucked up. You look like a total girl. Why don't you just cut it off and get a real man's hair cut?" We both laughed and then I said, "You know with a little work, I could actually look like Yuki for you." Then everything went silent and he gave me a look that could kill. But I just kept going. "Yeah, I could dye my hair, cosplay, and even..." Then I took the glasses from his face and wore them. "I could pretend to be Yuki for you, if you wanted me to."

Then I suddenly realized what I just said to him and stopped talking. It was the most awkward moment ever in my life. My friend just stared with no expression on his face. Then after a few seconds, I made a weak laugh and said, "Yeah. That was pretty gay," then took the glasses off my face, gave them back to him, and we watched TV without talking. Minutes later, he sat beside me and held me close. I felt my cheeks burn. He then pulled down my pants and boxers and rammed his thing inside me while we watched the news. I'll never forget that night.

I've been pretending to be Yuki for him ever since. Pic related. It's me dressed as Yuki.
it was born on /jp/, just like most memes at that time
I have no clue what does copy/pasta is friendo.

That doesn't explain anything to me, who knows absolutely nothing about anime.

Why did she do it /a/?

Surely there must have been some other way, what a huge bitch, Kagenui is 10x better than her.
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I am more surprised that she didn't get executed by kisshot afterwards (after ressing kekoragi)
I was actually wondering what happened to Shinobu when she killed him, if she's with him in the afterlife - or hell wherever he is with snail, or if their pairing was severed again, since I'm watching the anime only and haven't read the LN's but good to know.
Araragi was kill, so she was restored to her normal self and threatened Gaen to bring him back to life (which was Gaen's plan all along).
What I don't understand is how Gaen was going to make Kisshot a shrine goddess after she's done ressurecting Araragi. The plan was dumb as fuck and relied on a lot of random shit happening, but hey, at least she's more competent than those three autists.

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Is Evangelion as good as Kafka?
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If you mean Kafka as in the literally works of Franz Kafka, then no.
If you mean Kafka as in Franz Kafka himself, then there is no answer, since it's no ones place to objectively judge another one's "goodness".
What happened with that moe cockroach manga?
I thought it was getting an anime.

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How'd they pull it off?
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Actual AOTY:

2010: The Tatami Galaxy
2011: Mawaru Penguindrum
2012: Jinrui
2013: Princess Kaguya
2014: Space Dandy
2015: Yuri Kuma Arashi
2016: Mob Psycho 100 (but there's still In This Corner of the World that I haven't seen)
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Here's the correct anime of the year for 2010-2017.

The question is not when are we going to get season 3 or if we are going to get season 3, but rather what is the best strategy to make kyoani have to make season 3. A petition? A fundraiser? Go to their studios for a tour or something and yell it at the innocent employees? What do we do?

also disappearance haruhi cutest haruhi
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shameless bump
It's not KyoAni's property any more.
who's then?

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Will incest themes and stories ever go mainstream?
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>Successful series that are well known even among normalfags don't exists because I'm part of a sekret club means they are never mainstream.
Incest stories aren't mainstream though, you do realize that right?
It's literally illegal to make stories that "glorify" incest unless they're explicitly R-18, so no.

Is Integra tsundere?
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She's on constant menstruation.
She'd be bleeding all over if not for Alucard sucking her dry every now and then.
Weit, she'z a woman?

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Best girl has just won.
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I just finished watching this for the first time. Why is it so popular? it felt like Mushishi but with cute girls. Also, was I supposed to read all the text flashing? I stopped caring about them after episode 3
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Because its's DEEP and lewd.

It's also one of the most overhyped anime ever.
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>it felt like Mushishi but with cute girls

so a fucking masterpiece?
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>Mushishi but with cute girls
>Why is it so popular

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