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It's almost summer. Which rabbito would you take to the beach?
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I'll take for season 3 please!
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>To work on the concept for this film, I and Director brought in various images and ideas, such as collections of paintings and photographs. For example, we focused on concrete names like Giorgio Morandi and Vilhelm Hammershoi, if we’re taking about painters, to get some musical inspirations to build up the concept.
>Yes. In the composition process, I have converted so many artistic factors into sounds, including the shadow from Morandi’s still life and the way Hammershoi captured the light. In other words, I replaced the visible physical phenomena that could be a smudge of the shadow or a blurry focus of a lens with another kind of physical phenomena called sounds. For instance, we see an effect called light falloff on edges of lenses according to the Binet’s formula based on ‘Cosine Fourth’ Law (vignetting). I thoroughly looked into this to see what happens if I apply this effect to music. I took this kind of approach at the early stage of concept building and shared it with Director.
>Amazingly, she (Yamada) understood the importance of concept building and ideational thinking more than I expected. I have worked with so many artists in the past, but I can’t think of anyone else but her that I can share my thoughts. She seems genius with a feminine perception, doesn’t she? When I watched her previous film Tamako Love Story, I was simply shocked how Director described the characters in their complicated youth. It made me impressed that she illustrated the body movements out of uncontrollable feelings, facial expressions and behaviors so easily. However, I realized that the way she delivers her film is not based on her gender nor genius talent. She made it happen through repetition of careful consideration and replacements based on a certain concept.

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> I was actually more surprised than happy, because we had so much in common as artists and no problems to communicate with each other. Even at the very first meeting, we had good talks through what we like and what has influenced us, not just about music and films, but paintings, sculpture, dances, photographs and architecture by naming specific nouns.
I honestly don't see what's so great about muh character acting in Koe no Katachi. Why are some retards suddenly being impressed by Yamada's character acting when Ghibli or prime Madhouse and IG stuff shit all over anything she's ever made?
What's impressive about those works when prime Disney exists?

This week: Anime Ep 09 and Manga Chapter 13.
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What are some jutsu hand signs you learned /a/?
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Kage Bunshin.
How to do the chidori, the fucking ox sign is complicated as fuck

A day late and a dollar short. Gomen fampai.
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>see student bleeding heavily and on the verge of death
>mock him and leave instead of calling for help

What is this shitty writing
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>school girls
>acting petty
Pretty realistic, actually.
>Someone actually helps him
>Kira can't strike as easily
>He'd have enough time to survive and tell the others quickly

Basically contrivance for the sake of plot
>be spoiled self centered high school cunts
>see an ugly short fat kid hunched over on the ground covered in blood

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Berserk Episode 10 Season 22 has been delayed until June 9th

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Thanks for sharing the information though.

M-maybe I'll go out friday night now.
>Episode 10 Season 22
boy have I missed a lot, are they still on the boat?

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Why didn't Shirou ever try to date him? He doesn't please old men for money, he has no worms, he isn't a deadbeat dad, hes smarter then Rin, better looking then Sakura, and more useful in a fight then Saber.
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Why the fuck ...Is he covering his mantits?
Because swords can't be expected to make rational decisions.
Shinji is best boy

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I miss her /a/
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ore mo
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just watch this , it loops forever
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I miss her hair

When's the farthest in you decided to drop an anime?

For me it's lwa
Like now
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See you on Sunday

t. Sucyfag
Dropped this like episode 18, pretty late. Kept with it cause there's some gems in there, but I can't stand the """"plot"""" of just not saying words.
In terms of percentage of episodes, it's Log Horizon S2 at 20. In terms of raw number of episodes, it's Gintama at 26.

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In Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0, we're met with an Asuka that is bitter, impatient and resentful. These are qualities that were prevalent in the previous films and Asuka as a whole fulfills the 'mean girl' archetype but it is in 3.0 that these points of her character are magnified wholesale. Why?

My hypothesis is that this increased aggression is a direct result of the extended time Asuka has spent in her plugsuit and the resulting odor from it.

Let's examine the facts. We know that Eva 3.0 takes place 14 years after the result of the failed Third Impact. It was during the events of Eva 2.0 that Asuka was critically injured and isolated at Nerv's headquarters. As the HQ was destroyed by the events of the climax of 2.0, we can assume Asuka was moved and resuscitated shortly after the events of said film. 14 years later and Asuka is seen wearing the exact same plugsuit she wore in Eva 2.0, albeit with hastily made repairs which shows the suit's age.

Extended promotional material from the third film reveals that during WILLE's construction of the AAA Wunder and its subsequent operations, Asuka was consistently on duty in 'ACR' (Alert Combat Readiness). This is a state similar to current day fighter pilot postings where they work and live in their flight suits, ready to pilot their aircraft and engage in combat at a moment's notice. Due to WILLE's instability in its fight against Nerv and the constant threat of attacks from Angels and other human organisations, it is plausible that Asuka has been in 'ACR' and has been wearing her Eva 2.0 plugsuit for the near total span of the 14 years between the two films. The fact that Asuka's plugsuit shows discoloration, hastily patched up holes and unique modifications means she has been wearing this same suit or an extremely extended period of time.
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So what are the effects of wearing a plugsuit for years on end without change?

The first thing that starts happening when wearing clothes for a long time is the buildup of bodily oils. These oils are naturally secreted daily and we often don't notice them because we change our clothes often. Asuka on the other hand, would constantly feel sticky and oily, likely getting caught on her suit if she ever attempted to take it off. Another obvious effect is the buildup of bacteria on the inside of the suit's surface. Skin and fecal flora would likely have continuously built up and vaginal organisms would be a concern too. By the end of the 14 years, Asuka's plugsuit would have been a literal colony for hundreds of organisms.

But the most obvious effect of Asuka wearing her plugsuit for so many years that we've avoided up until now is the smell. Before we even get into natural odours, her plugsuit would smell purely as a result of how it is made. Latex and polyethylene consistently release nontoxic aerosol chemicals and rubber itself has a odor smelt even in its natural form. The buildup of these chemical releases would likely come as across as the 'new car smell' but so overwhelming you would start to get a headache and have to let the windows down. Not only does Asuka have to deal with these intense man manufactured odors, she would be constantly reminded of the smells from her own body.
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The major cause of 'natural body odor' is sweat from the apocrine glands which are present in the armpits, eyelids, ears, genital areas and even breasts. With such a combat focused and stressful occupation, Asuka could be expected to sweat as much as 5 liters per hour. Professional athletes wear cotton or nylon based clothing which dissipates the sweat from the secreted areas to maintain hygiene and body temperature but Asuka would have no such freedom. As previously mentioned, her plugsuit has a latex/rubber construction, two materials which 'breathe' extremely poorly. As such, Asuka's sweat would not dissipate for an extended period of time and cling to her body for hours on end. It's important to note that sweat itself does not have an odor. The noxious smell is caused by bacteria breaking down the sweat, which Asuka certainly has plenty of.

So in summary, for the period of 14 years where she was in active combat, Asuka wore a plugsuit that was rife with bacteria, sweat and oil. She would likely be unbearably smelly to those who came near her and from this physical evidence we gain an insight into her personality in 3.0. Due to likely social rejection from her odor, Asuka closes herself off from other people, becoming constantly irritable and chaste. Her smell is perhaps so bad that she conducts the majority of communication with others through phones and digital contact as to save both parties from the awkward engagement. It's appropriate then that Asuka's best friend during these events is Mari, who likely suffers the same issues of body odor. It's evident they've bonded over these undesirable qualities and have forged a friendship based on mutual smelliness.
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But perhaps the biggest supporting evidence of this theory is Asuka's change to a new plugsuit during the film. With this new suit she is free of her bacteria and smell infested garments and with fresh clothes she gains a fresh perspective. Instead of aiming to kill Rei she instead talks to her and attempts to save her life. Stinky Asuka becomes nice Asuka in such a simple change of clothes.

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When is season 3? I just want to see more of best paper animated
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I recently watched the OVA with the bride clock. God damn, just god damn that voice is pure ear sex, Going to watch the movie tonight and I remember that I fucking hate Miku.
[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas
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I want more Yoshino. She had such a small role in season 2.

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I felt like they were too strong compared to the other aliens.
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Pretty much.
as in the scariest and most gruesome?
IMO as the Alien's got more OP and ridiculous I found the fighting got shittier. I didn't think it picked back up until they actually boarded the alien ship.

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Jesus what the fuck just happened Oda
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yum yum eat 'em up
Don't worry. The loli giant is still on Elbaf
What do you mean?

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How did Trigger go from creating the best female MC of the decade in KLK to creating the worst in LWA?
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what does it feel like to have such shit taste?
are you becoming more concious
The quality of the shows isn't relevant to the discussion.

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Hi everyone. I've just finished the translation on "chapter 1" of the Lost Stars manga. The last two chapters were just prologue, apparently.

Anyhow, if you're feeling impatient, here's an imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/yqqEa

And it'll be on Bato.to whenever it is their system decides to clear it. (and from there I'm sure it'll also make its way to whatever other manga reader site).
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