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Bull Thread
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Come at me bro
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Here's a better idea: We post bullies getting what they deserve.
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Not a bad idea.

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Why am I so vulnerable to this? Every single week I have tears run down my face. I am 27 and never experienced anything like this before. No TV show, anime or western, has done this to me before. No other show ever even came close to this. What the hell is going on?
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Because you're a fucking sperglord autist who hasn't watched enough anime. Tsuki ga Kieri is fucking boring.
Akanecchi put a spell on you.
I just want the tomboy to win but she won't

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What did she (in male fantasy) mean by this
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That her big brother is a lecher, a sketcher, a one-toucher...
That Japs are degenerate subhumans that fuck their siblings routinely
Haruna a shit.

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>Dating a cute anime girl
>Being a cute anime girl

Which one is better?
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God I want to get my ass pounded.
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Homosexuality isn't right.

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Look out, a lookout.
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S2 when?
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Soon, I hope.
Where did they find the money to make the OVAs? Literally no one watched this.

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The build-up was slow so I figured I should wait for a few chapters to be released, now I've missed the 2 most insane chapters so far. Holy shit did this escalate quickly, I wish I was here for the initial reaction.

Old chapter page in order to avoid spoilers.
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I love this manga but I don't want to get too hyped since the author never delivers with the endings.
>I love this manga
How can you love something so underdeveloped and vague?
it was a soft landing, he is fine. they willbe able to cross the streams again

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What did she mean when she said this?
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The sentence you said means that she cordially invited a gentleman to penetrate her lower back, in other words, inside the rectal cavity.
Why though?

What's her end game?
Explain further.

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Let's hear those wishes you wish never came true, /a/.

>I want Miura to pick up the pace!
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more like
>I hope they adapt more of Berserk than just The Golden Age into an anime some day!
>I hope Koe no Katachi is animated
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>I wish for Soul Eater Resonance!
Just get the Eibon arc right and i could care less what happens after that.

Who was in the wrong here?
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You for failing to get quads
Upon closer inspection, you will notice the star-headed man has blood in his hand, but strangely there is no blood in the blade, just a bit in the handle so we can deduce he either punched a man to death or want's to look more menacing to his enemies, so we aren't sure if such man is evil or trying to protect himself.
the tertiaries

Basically they have an entire planet full of sayajins. (yes, the original name they say is sayajin and not sayan as the dumbfuck translation)

And yet they won't train an entire planet to reach freeza levels of power.
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>super saiyan
>originally so hard to obtain it was considered only a legend
>then becomes possible with vigorous sweat and training
>then it's just you gotta be really mad
>now it's just focus on the tingly feeling in your back

>Original Super Saiyan was supposed to be a legend, Freeza was so scarred of it that he blow all the Saiyans before he showed up
>It is Goku
>No wait! it's actually a semi-canon Hulk-ripoff called Broly that is mad becasue baby Goku didn't allow him to sleep
>No! now it is actually Goku's dad Bardock that traveled back in time because reason and beat the shit out of a Freeza ancestor that passed the knowledge to his descendants as a warning

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Are Rins demonic features (like the tail) visable to people without temtaints?
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I think his ears and teeth appear pointy but nobody normal sees his tail.
Got it. Thanks anon.
This arouses me greatly.

Say what you want about this series, but Rin is a 10/10 husbando.

I mean, it can't end without them kissing at least once, right?
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It wasn't a romance story. There was subtle romance undertones that drove parts of the story, but this wasn't a romance.
What would sex with her be like?

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ITT canonically ugly characters
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Why are harem MCs never the kind of guys that would have multiple hot girls flocking over them in real life? I want to see a Chad Thundercock harem MC who just fucks all the bitches and picks the dumbest, sluttiest one to date.
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recc threads belong on /wsr/
anime =/= real life
kill yourself, normie
>Why does a show designed to trick viewers into thinking every girl has a chance by dragging on romantic development across hundreds of chapters not pick and fuck one girl right out the gate?
What you want to see is a hentai. Why do harem watchers always get this shit confused?

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Osaka taking it easy at the beach.
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Thats a cute picture
Why is Tomo so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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