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>not being an assman
Explain yourself.
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>implying I'm not
Kneel to the queen of butt.
I want to sexually fuck C.C.
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I vote for Kamui as Gintama's best motherfucker.

You're a sexy beast Kamui
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There are other Kamuifags on /a/?
I don't watch Fontana but he looks cute
My phone makes the same typo

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How do I watch this thing? Watch season 1 and then straight to 3 because 2 isn't canon?
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S2 is the best for maximum Ciel suffering, so don't skip it.
Watch half-way into season 1 up till the curry arc, then go for book of circus season 3. The rest of season 1 and 2 is anime original.
Why isn't this show discussed more here? Because muh fujoshit? Or is it discussed in the it's time threads?

Remember the bad old days when these were the Big 3? Which one has the best and worst anime adaptation?
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I dropped all three.

I only watched a significant amount of One Piece. (Till the rainbow island filler thing.)

Naruto was insufferable from episode 1 so I deleted all episodes I downloaded.

Naruto got dropped somewhen into Sasuke's idiocy after killing Danzo or something.

Bleach was exciting for a while in the Fullbring Arc, but got dropped somewhen into the Invasion of Gods palace (maybe when they killed god). I remember resident catty girl kicking Ichigo (that Ass was nice).

One Piece got bogged down somehow. I have not thought about its problems. (Animal Island Arc. Dressarosa was dragging enough.)

Dropping things is easy, after all you can read the next chapter tomorrow™.
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Never got finished vs goes at the speed of moss vs filler hell

I would argue that Naruto had the best animation and OST when it could be bothered. (ignoring the quality of the stories)

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How would you fix Megumi, /a/?
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Just make Eriri or Utaha the main girl, hell even Michiru would be interesting.
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Make her Utaha.


Now this is some great joke.
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What movie would you watch with her?

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Openings that sound better in another language?

Spanish Sailor Moon is a great example imo.
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If your talking about "Better than the Original Japanese version" then it's this.
>it's fucking nothing!!.png
>3 KB
Explain this.
Cmon guys, Smile Bomb. The hypest shit.

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What does /a/ think of Kekkai Sensen/Blood Blockade Battlefront? I fucking loved it when I watched it both times and there's nothing that'll change my mind. But I haven't seen it get much love online at all. I've seen it get some hate, actually, and I can't understand why. For those of you who watched it until the end, what are your overall feelings about the anime?

Also, has a second season been announced yet?
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>I haven't seen it get much love online at all
>Also, has a second season been announced yet?
Lurk more, newfag.
I liked it a lot,could be one of my 10-20 favorites. But the plot was pointlessly difficult to follow due to the vague way they always spoke. Perhaps it was a translation thing. I mean is not that i didnt understand what was going on, its more that i could never be certain of understanding everything, kinda like reading a Murakami book.

It was still great and Chain a best though.
>Also, has a second season been announced yet?

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This is your JC for tonight.
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The fuck is JC?
Hope she'll do anal willingly.


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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
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Scanned some more Garo. I was going to post this in the alternative manga thread that was up for a bit earlier, but then /a/ had a seizure and the thread died.


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I was in that thread, thanks.
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Sweet, good quality scans and rare subject mater to boot. Thanks anon, this deserves a bump.

Too bad I can't read a lick of jap though wwwwww
Thanks, anon.

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Are we finally willing to admit that, despite a handful of scenes with mediocre animation, DEEN had the best take on Fate?
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It did. They nailed the atmosphere.
Nice try DEEN.

Name three (3) things Tanya did wrong.
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Refused to let me fuck her.
1.) Didn't kill the French mage captain soon enough.

2.) Let the Frenchies escape to Africa. (technically not all her fault)

3.) Was too edgy to God. (might have gotten a better deal)
Not killing my fellow countrymen is an extremely good thing, tho

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That one, with the girl...that one girl...
Yeah right
>First season managed to be better than the Visual Novel.
>Second season is a disappointment
I'm not surprised.

But I'm still bloody mad for what both Yuuko and You went through. Specially Yuuko and she loosing her child. They deserved a happy ending.

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Spot the MC
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Easy Mode
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Extra hard mode

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he aint even dead tho
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