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Look at how great this taste is.
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5/10 because I've only seen K-On but Kemono Freinds look based.
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Heu look its my waifu

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How can ANYONE like Ueno when Shoko exists?
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At least Ueno doesn't feed pigeons. Fuck that deaf bitch.
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How can ANYONE like Koe no Katachi when Kimi no Na wa exists?
She's moeblob without her own opinion and character

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Ok, all conditions met.
>MC is willing.
>Heroine is horny.
>Situation is portrayed seriously.
>No visible distraction in sight.
>Feelings are in.
So it must happen now, or never.
Let's hope that Okamoto will not disapoint.
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>Guess I will cum inside...
Wait, why?
Google Translate:
>Only in Japan ...

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we do not like code geass. please stopp this nonsens threads, right /a/?
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make me faggot
If you aren't a teen edgelord, you dont belong on /a/
Fuck off, we love Code Geass.

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dirty red
> tfw no decent Touko doujins
tfw when nobody even talks about Touko

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Hard mode: incorpore every popular anime trend clichés into a single story and expect it to sell
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I'll start:

I get sent to another world and is chosen as the savior which I'm not! (俺は別の世界に送られでもはそうではない救世主として選ばれる!)

Hiroyuki Nishimura is the very definition of a NEET that spends time immersing himself with the anime, manga and game culture. One day as he buys a bunch of goods and foods in preparation of watching a new anime that will air soon, he get involved in a traffic collision. As he is resurrected in an alternate fantasy world, he watches humanity being driven by fear as they are continuously threatened by monstrous creatures from yet another parallel world, which is the reason why they live in sheltered cities. As Hiroyuki follows suit, he gets enrolled in a magic school that is scattered with students from various races typical of high fantasy genre. While using his own knowledge and wit of solving the humanity problems' as a magician-in-training, the chief director of the school announces a very important announcement that he is chosen to defeat the Demon King through hard work and dignity in addition to the world saving scenario.
Typical harem comedy that also teaches you to cook. A guy wants to learn to cook to impress a girl, but he's autistic and really bad. First he learns really basic shit from his older sister like how to boil water, cook pasta, and cook microwave dinners. Then he applies for work at several restaurants, where various love interests - the pastry chef, the butcher, the crazy vegan soup chef all teach him to cook their specialties.
>hard mode
REEEEEE:Creators is your answer.

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The best kind of Heavy Cruiser is a Tsundere Heavy Cruiser.
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Taka gene is the best.
Even Yamato confirmed that Takao class is the cutest class.
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takao a cute

What did they do to Lyria?
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Why did Gran think it was okay to leave her alone when he knows the Empire is after her and they've even been able infiltrate cities where they don't hold any type of influence?
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I am going to RAPE Lyria and use her tears as lube! There is nothing you can do to stop it!

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Dumping the newest chapter.
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>no re zero ep today
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Thank god.
Why aren't you banned yet ?
Why newfriends think this is bannable?

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Does /a/ like shoujo manga?

Because I do.
This one is my favorite.
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Babbys first shoujo
Yeah i like that one too, reading koi inu lately
No, nobody else on this entire board likes shoujo manga.
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Lewder Than Porn.webm
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You objectively have shit tatse if you don't like shoujo.

Disregard the opinions of people like this >>157785413.

Which country makes the best waifus and why is it Россия?
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Germany is better, броски
Also slav тред
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What does she smell like?
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salty coins and milk
A combination of stale Coca Cola, ants and fish.
sweat and rotten eggs

ITT: Characters with autism
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Literally me.

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This guy slaps your waifu on the ass and says he could make her happier than you ever could. What do you do?
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he's right though
At least my penis isnt pixelated.
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I concede.

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