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what would you do in this situation?
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Give her some of my toenail clipping. What's the worst she could do with them?
Genes != dna
is this how the red cross was started

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Will it be AOTY?
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Depends on who is voicing Love Master.
SOTY maybe
Miyano Mamoru or dropped.

How do you fix something broken?
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being careful and not breaking it in the first place
put the pieces back together and hope that it works like it used to

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Nobody told me Tesagure was so good. It reminds me a lot of Joshiraku.
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Hope you're using the CR rips and not Kara Subs for it.
I couldn't find a seeded torrent so I am literally watching it on CR
They were hidden on nyaa, but since it crashed and burned, they reappeared on pantsu:


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post girls you want to BULLY
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Let's settle this once and for all.

>did you enjoy it
>who is best girl
>who is worst girl
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>enjoyed the episodes where the band performed, the drama was a pain to watch
Kumiko is so ugly.
None, even the side characters were well characterized

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What's so bad about Toradora, /a/? I see people complaining about it all the time. Why? I thought it was super comfy and touching.
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started off ok (comfy as you would say) and turned into melodramatic soap opera bullshit.
It's the greatest love story ever told
Too much Anime cliche. It's soo painful

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Casual nudity. Way too rare these days.
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Not among women
I mean, it's a bath.
Filling the screen with tits.
Really subtle.

I'm aware that a lot of people really like Psychopass. The consensus is that Psycho-pass was great, many people's favorite anime, but the second season was terrible.
I think that that both seasons were terrible. As far as I'm concerned, every theme Psycho-Pass had was done better in Shin Sekai Yori.
The main reason its bad is because of monumentally bad characters, a plot that doesn't manage to be satisfy in the end, and an idea that isn't well explored or all that well justified.
The first two reasons would take a long time to explain, but the as for the 3rd reason, let me make two observations, and maybe fans of the show can correct me

1. We only ever see the sibyll system massively fucking up. How could anyone at the end of all this believe it to be a good system, when Akane has to circumvent it constantly. The show could've shown how 99.9% of the time it works flawlessly, and we'd have an interesting moral choice: are a few hundred people being unfairly asploded and comitted a fair price to pay compared to the current situation where Japan has 400 homicides annually and 60,000 people is Prison? The show never asks, and we don't see Akane ever considering it. her decision at the end is completely inexplicable

2. The Public safety bureau only ever seems to deal with violent crime. the show is nothing but Homicide. What do they do with less crimes like Illegal immigration, theft, stalking, tresspassing, embezzlement? we know there are political dissidents in the country. maybe it's handled by a different department, but it's something we ought to know about. do ceos get exploded for tax evasion? it seems like the dominators are the only tools public safety has. Why does this show treat criminality as though its exclusively psychotic serial killers and also completely normal people that Sibyll thinks are psychotic killers that need to be euthanized?
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The premise was retarded as fuck while being mashup of a lot of previous ideas. In the beginning I kept thinking that halfway through this shit is going to turn around and become Very For Vendetta in Cyberpunk setting, Makishima was so much based on V, at least conceptually. But nope, can't have genuine storytelling because it needs to be a franchise because that's what Urobutcher is good for. Writing is filled with plot holes, characters are basic as fuck and dumb on top of that and everyone being an armchair philosopher literally is the most hilarious attempt at 2deep4u I've seen.
If you want to see good Cyberpunk anime or anime that has lot to say about society, watch the ones that are 10 times better, even fucking pretentious garbage shit movie like Harmony is better with more originality.
you guys will bitch about anything. But the Redlettermedia of Anime says Psycho-Pass season 1 is one of the best anime ever made, so you can fuck right off.
>2 replies
>2 IPs
Alright fag, if you wanted to shill Digibro, you should have done so in the original post. Fucking kill yourself.

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Eromanga-sensei is getting harder to watch by the episode, its hard to cling on despite pandering in every way. Anime can be bad for girls flipping over nothing but this takes the cake. What the fuck did onii-chan do to deserve getting doored? He re-asks a simple question and gets it. Sagiri's little fit made me cringe inside, and all of the characters taking the typical avoid actually talking about the issue at hand to new heights produces the same result. Why do we put ourselves through this? I know ill still finish it because i still lap this bullshit up.
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Yes, the characters are bad. Everyone watches it ironically and to have some insight on the characters before masturbating to them.
Oh boy.
It's pretty unrealistic desu
All of the 12 year old girls I know are ignorant about anything ecchi and surely can't draw anything as good as sagiri. Hell most of them can't even draw Mickey mouse even

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There is not a single good anime/manga with a sub-par mc, prove me wrong.
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What do I win?

>tfw they don't stop that meaningless battle and listen to your song
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>tfw the mountain doesn't move

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What would you do if you met Shinka?
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Ask her where Kumin is.
Challenge her to a fight where the winner takes the loser's virginity.
I need a doujin of this.

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Was it autism?
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Being a badass villain sue.
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ITT: Censorship in anime
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that's not censorship
Localization =/= censorship
Saving American children from foreign cultures.

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