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Is there a single shounen with a more breathtaking soundtrack than Fullmetal Alchemist?

The answer is no. This is the truth beyond the truth.



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Saint Seiya




The soundtrack is so iconic that it even get concerts until this day


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Rurouni Kenshin.



Reminder that he's tapping Nunally's ass every day.

Lelouch? More like Lecuck'd, thank you onii-sama
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What will he say when he learns that Lefag is still alive despite the whole Zero no requiem bullshit ?
You could rape nunnally without her even realizing it.
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He'll finish the job

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>Physically fit
>Adored by female peers

>NOT popular with boys

How big is the homosexuality problem in Japan?
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What do you expect from a bunch of effeminate manlets?
She looks like a boy
>later gets a boyfriend
I don't see the dilemma.

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She's your owner now, anon.
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I will accept my place.

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I saw almost 100 episodes of detective conan years ago an remember loving it, so I decided to check out the latest episode just to see how things were and man was it bad. It had pretty much all usual things I would expect from an episode of detective conan, but its like they bled the life out of everything. Did I just pick a bad episode or is it really that soulless of a show now?
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Welcome to modern anime. Well not exactly but also kind of, yes. It's a mixed bag.
Anime original episodes nowadays are awful. But the manga adaptations are great as always, though you really need to be caught up on the plot to get the most out of it.
1. Stop watching fillers
2. Start watching all the BO related episodes

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But you just /thread'ed your thread by posting perfection.

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Welp, put this off long enough. Might as well push through.
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79: My first vote goes to you...
[Left] Eve saved Ibusuki-kun from getting a bald head......!!?

"It won't move!"
"Wh-what's wrong!?"

"It's as if..."

"Someone is grabbing my right hand..."
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"O-oh yeah, this storehouse..."
"Is one of the seven mysteries of Wakanomiyako High School, the one where the gym teacher is said to have committed suicide...!!"

"It's heeeeeerrree!!!"

"Huh? Did they mistake me for a ghost...?"

"...hold on,"
"I touched someone..."
Oh sweet.

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It had a lackluster ending.

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Goddamit, if that peeping perv becomes an enemy because he thought jagasaki killed his girlfriend I'll be really pissed off. I hate confusion based plot. I can only forgive high school prison that stuff, and only barely
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New chapter is out?
what? the girl was in the school?
i missed that part
Nah, she's in a music school. But It occurred to me when I finished this chapter because I forgot for a moment where is she studying.
I'm just being late, sorry if I alarmed you.

I can't believe that Aoi Yuuki's lewdest character is stuck in a shit game and will never get a good anime.
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She does lewd sounds for her boyfriend so who cares.
>shit game
>and will never get a good anime.

OVA was garbage and even if it gets a good anime there are too many characters.

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What was his fucking problem?
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Red pilled, but not enough.
>murdering police officers
i'd love to see the death note in the hands of an anarchist.

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This is an anime about spinner
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What's with kids these days and basically only wanting shittier versions of stuff there was in the past?
They never knew about the stuff that was in the past.
But even if you try to tell them they just shrug it off.
Peer pressure is the worst with kids.

Do I need to watch episode 25 and 26 or am I good to just watch End of Evangelion?

I watched EoE before episode 25 and I am struggling to get through it

Neon Genesis Evangelion thread too if you want
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EoE then ep 25 26
25 & 26 are EoE
Episodes 25 and 26 are wholly skippable, they're not at all enjoyable to watch.

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rape ape.png
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Be honest. Did you see it coming?
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It was bound to happen, but I didn't expect it to happen that early.

Also, what's the name of that guy?
Gorilla Killa
I think it was Guillotine Gorilla

Was it a good Gundam entry after all?
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It's a pleb filter like Gundam 00
Worse than G-Reco
It had its moments of greatness.

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