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Yeah the faggot did it, he filled the bitch's womb with a nice load of manly juice.

Not like this wasn't seen before 100000 times already but is something.
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>The pleasure of being cummed inside.

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What animes have MCs who don't go with the best grill?
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Certainly not Re:Zero.
but he does?
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But the MC really didn't go with Betty, I suppose.

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>The villain transforms to his final form and uses his most powerful attack as soon as the fight starts rather than sandbag for 6 episodes.
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>onii-chan we can't we're blood related
>they go to counseling and work out their issues
No way normalfag.
In your effort to fix anime writing you fell for a rather silly trap.
>having a designated "final attack"
That's not how real combat works. Nukes, yes. But in a fight between two people each attack is supposed to end the fight, and when the fighters are competent then the attacks are delivered in the expectation that these attacks will not end the fight.

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shiro is the red man?
She should have been put down like the monster she was.
I want to protect that smile.

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Do you think anime is getting TOO well-known these days?
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Yea people think its autistic
No. Why would it even matter if it was popular anyway? Are you a disgusting hipster who only likes things whey they are underground and not very popular or something?
Yeah I've been noticing the "i'm such a weeb degenerate XD, here's a picture of the Wendy's girl" types that are growing in number. They tend to be also /pol/yps (specifically nu/pol/) or /v/ermin, so that's the easiest way to avoid them.

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Now that the series has ended. What would you have done to make it great/stay great
>inb4 it always sucked
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Avoid Kaguya. It goes from beating Madara to Naruto vs Sasuke fight. Kaguya is a villain in one of the films or gaiden or spinoffs

remove sasuke
1) Keep it about the flaws of the ninja world (as presented nicely in the Zabuza arc) and expand on that.
2) Avoid insane power ups at all costs. Keep the fights strategic.
3) Leave Obito dead. Kakashi Gaiden was good. No need to introduce him again.

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what was Naga's endgame?
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Sunday Slayers?
sure why not
>what was Naga's endgame?
Being the best Sorceress.

What the god damn fuck is this bitch's problem?

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goddamn it.Shaw
I'm kind of conflicted.
On one hand Ueno is a massive piece of shit.
On the other, Shouya was also a massive piece of shit, and being a kid was no excuse for that. However, he could change and become a better person, and there's no proof that Ueno also isn't capable of being less of a subhuman waste of oxygen.
I think by the end of the movie she might be getting there, but I also want her to absolutely hate herself for what she did.
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I'd run a train between her legs if you know what I mean.

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Is there any way to look at the stocks? Like through Nasdaq? Usually those are better indicators than just looking at this data.
Most studios are privately owned. They're not big enough to justify a listing. I'm not sure if titans like Toei and Sunrise are listed either to be honest.
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How is kyoanus making more money than shaft?
/a/ told me they were the flop studio.

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>Anon, whatcha doin' there?
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Contemplating suicide and hoping for a swift end because I am too incompetent and afraid to end it myself.
Miu is best girl
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Shitposting on 4chan.
Go on, give it a try, it's surprisingly therapeutic.

My new waifu Ueno!
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isnt that Mitsuki?
fuck off with getting a new waifu every season
Things to like about Ueno

>loyal to her husbando
>knows how to banter
>sexy slender body
>best thighs
>uninterested eyes
>cute mannerisms
>great onee-chan to her little bros

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Why is he so bitter? Why doesn't he just lighten up? Does he have autism or something?
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because anime is shit and when you're a creator you care about the medium you work in
he's also old and arrogant
He's like that Jirou guy. So serious about work because he has nothing else going for him. Anime is his identity.
You mean someone like Oda? But Oda shows it by having extremely detailed lore and no inconsistencies. That's what you call caring for your product. Also, he's been writing weekly for over 20 years. I don't think Miyazaki is serious about his work at all. it doesn't show at least.

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Favourite Tsundere
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Ew disgusting bitch.
Loiuse Francoise Le Blanc de la Valliere
Did I get that right?
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Boys: I want Louise to dominate me!
Men: I will dominate Louise!

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>Let Kubo rip him off.
>Bleach gets accused of ripping off YYH.
>Kubofags defend Bleach.
>Bleach drags on until everyone gets sick of it.
>Everyone accepts YYH is the only good spirit battle manga.
>More advertisement for YYH.
>Keikaku Doori.
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>Let Kubo rip him off.

But Kubo includes female characters in his story
Togashi is a certified genius

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I think you mean doujinshi
I think you mean futanari
>Why are fetishes so common in a fetish medium?

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