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What would sex with Nishimiya be like
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A bit slow, possibly getting more exciting once round 2 kicks off.
Like fucking miku.-

Ok /a/, let's write an anime plot one word at a time.
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Purple hair best hair?
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Sexiest hair.
Purple is the 2D marker for sensuality.

This is not debatable.
Onee-san best archetype.

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No. Berserk was never about being edgy
Is not that I dislike Schierke but since she joined the party the manga gone into a spiral downfall.

Before her the manga had a pretty unique setting and vibe, since she incorported this became more and more generic fantasy.

Not saying its her fault, just that she marked the beginning of the dawnfall.

Miura could have introduced her as mage but kept the setting as it was, all the safety she brought to the party make this manga boring as hell.

Rape-kun (who can coincidentally morph into an orc-like creature) puts both of his hands on the Rumia titty simulator 9000, and in response she screams in a mixture of pleasure and agony.

/jp/ > Rumia > Celica > Sistine >>>>>>>>>>>>> Re=Tard
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Why wasn't she raped?
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Celica a best. A BEST.

Re=Tard a shit. A SHIT.
Why can't you like both? The only shitty girl is Shitsti.

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Korean Scans out: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/jnNA5XDQZ7I

Color page this chapter looks fantastic
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Those summer uniforms look great.
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New uniforms!
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New chapter when JB?

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Every loli should get a cute onee-chan that guides her into womanhood.
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They end turning into fatties though.
Hello, divination Nico

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any other shows that have the bitch get her shit pushed back in by the alpha mc?
Hai, Kazuma dess

Akashic Records, kind of, this season.

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ITT: underrated anime that are actually top tier
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This anime is hot garbage anon have you actually watched it in the last 5 years

ermm thats like, not true
How is it underrated? A lot of people here really like it.

Be honest, you'd like the show is Kirito was a girl, wouldn't you?
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It's top tier comedy regardless
You would see 24/7 generals if this was another all girls show

/a/ doesnt like it because it doesnt pander to them

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How do they always pull it off?
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You forgot FREE
someone at KyoAni sold their soul to the devil, obviously

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Why are the Japanese such scumbags?
Why do they feel it's okay to abandon their child if they think it's an inconvenience?
How are they allowed to do this?
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They hate non-conformity. This usually manifests itself in xenophobia, but it extends to hatred of anything that isn't "normal" or makes you stand out. Disabilities are seen as shameful and those that have them are at fault for any "problems" they cause to "normal" people.
As such, society doesn't shame people for treating those with disabilities badly, since society believes they deserve it.
What irks me more is the submission to the parents some characters have. Asians in general are pretty crazy with that, and think they must always do what their parents tell them to do.
And of course a lot of parents are huge cunts
>Disabilities are seen as shameful and those that have them are at fault for any "problems" they cause to "normal" people
In Shouko's case it did cause "problems" to her classmates and teacher - or rather inconveniences - which is why they went full ham on her. People in wheelchairs for instance don't get nearly as much shit even in Japan.

No surprise why older generations and younger generations don't connect very well in recent years. The latter is beginning to rebel and be inspired by the wider world they're exposed to via Internet.

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What do you think about the harem genre?
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Pretty retarded

>harem series
>no harem end
Is ok when the girl I like wins.
There's no middleground. I love it when it doesn't take itself seriously but I also love it when it takes itself completely seriously in its setting.

Flip flop between those two extremes and it'll usually be shit. And you might as well just fuck off if you don't plan on having a harem/omnibus end.

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left or right?
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Both are inferior to Aki(second best) and Minori(best).

right is too thikk

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